Diet Pagano

Pagano diet was originally developed for patients with psoriasis.However, it is effective for any skin problems.Moreover, bowel cleansing - the key to harmony!It is on this and built Diet: clean the intestines of toxins, eat the right foods, and just two weeks notice the first improvement in the form of a beautiful skin and a toned figure.

Basic principles of diet Pagano

John Pagano - experienced American doctor, who was able to create an effective diet to fight psoriasis.He insisted that intoxicated the intestines - a major cause of skin problems.However, we must not only clean it, and make the right diet, which is able to provide the desired acid-base balance.E. In the daily menu should include 70-80% schelocheobrazuyuschih products and only 20-30% of acid.

However Pagano diet for psoriasis involves not only complete diet change, but a range of activities:

  • bowel cleansing;
  • proper nutrition;
  • herbal teas to cleanse the body;
  • spine examination and treatment;
  • use of special funds for
    external cleansing.
"Before you begin by Pagano diet, it is advisable to consult your doctor. It is not suitable for pregnant women, young children, adolescents, and nursing mothers. In addition, this food is contraindicated in inflammation of the abdominal organs."

In othercases Pagano diet - a real salvation!The main thing - a comprehensive approach to the issue.

Step one: get rid of toxins

Clean intestines must be using enemas or colon hydrotherapy.The latter is best done not in the "basement" beauty salon, and under the supervision of doctors in the medical institution.This cleaning will help to establish the metabolism and removes all excess from the intestine.

During this period, you must eat only fruit.Here you have a choice: you can for three days there is one thing, but you can make a five-day multifruit diet.The good news is absolutely no reason to limit the number of fruits.To finally establish gastrointestinal operation, three times a day on an empty stomach, eat a teaspoon of olive oil.Keep an eye on the chair!

Step two: make up

menu During a diet for Pagano need to eat foods that will completely cleanse the body and maintain the acid-alkaline balance in the blood.

made by the daily menu is convenient to use the table:

drawing up menus for diet Pagano, certainly note the following rules:

  • forbidden to drink juices with added sugar;
  • not be mixed with grain or citrus dairy products;
  • melons and apples have to eat only as a separate dish;
  • not add sugar in dairy products.

Step Three: Follow drink

This step is combined with the previous one.During the diet for Pagano is necessary to carefully monitor the drinking. Recommended:

  • from 6 to 8 glasses of water a day;
  • diluted lemon juice, sweetened with honey;
  • herbal teas (Dr. Pagano insists on camomile, safflower and bark slippery elm);
  • fresh vegetable and fruit juices;
  • unsweetened compote of fruit.

Step Four: pay attention to the spine

condition of the spine is able to affect the bowel.It is advisable to get tested, to eliminate possible problems and during the diet time Pagano perform exercises to strengthen the spine.

Step five: Clean the skin

to the outside cleaning of the skin can begin only after the body has been cleaned from the inside.It is recommended to visit a professional beautician, and set aside time for a bath or saunas.You can choose to make a mask for the skin.


Diet for Pagano is desirable to observe at least a month, but the first results on the skin, you will notice within 14 days.After the diet is not necessary to move to "harmful" products, or psoriasis may return.

main condition Pagano diet - focusing on results.Imagine how the skin is clean and beautiful, like light and joy from it in my soul.And let it out!

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