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Frequently asked questions about the conception

In preparation for pregnancy, women have a lot of variety of issues.In this article we try to consider the main ones and provide the necessary minimum information, based on which it can be understood that in fact may increase the chances of getting pregnant, and that, on the contrary, interfere with conception.

Where to start preparing for pregnancy?

first step is to visit a doctor who will prescribe the necessary examinations and tests for women and men.

Both prospective parents should pass the general and biochemical blood tests, urinalysis, test for infection (HIV, syphilis, herpes, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, papillomavirus, candidiasis, E. coli, Streptococci and others.)analysis to determine the Rh blood factor.

Expectant mother also shows the following analysis:

• an antibody test for toxoplasmosis, rubella;

• definition of indicators of blood coagulation;

• study hormonal (progestational analysis, FSH, estrogen, testosterone, etc.).

Men are recommended to delive

r the semen analysis, to eliminate the possibility of non-occurrence of pregnancy due to poor sperm quality.

The fact that the number, motility and morphology of sperm (those characteristics that affect the probability of conception), nothing to do with potency.Many men are not even aware of their low fertility, semen analysis until they pass.In a situation when semen indices below normal, in most cases, a man just a few months of therapy to improve sperm quality.In other words, if you pass the semen analysis in advance, you can avoid wasted time and nerves on waiting in vain.

Which vaccinations should be done before pregnancy?

The first thing a woman should consult a physician to determine an individual vaccination schedule.

As a rule, pre-pregnancy following vaccinations are recommended:

• rubella (if necessary) - 3 months before conception;

• Hepatitis B - vaccination is carried out in three phases, with the last vaccination should be made not later than 3 months before pregnancy.

How long is the period of ovulation?How to calculate the day of ovulation?

We used to talk about how to calculate the day of ovulation, or about how to get to ovulation.In fact, "to get to ovulation," virtually impossible, as ovulation - it's way out of a mature egg from the ovary.And, this process takes only 15 seconds.Therefore, the term "ovulation" is not quite correct.At the same time, after ovulation the ovum is viable and is ready for fertilization for approximately 24 hours, and that this period is favorable for conception.

There are several methods for determining ovulation: tracking changes in basal body temperature, the use of special tests for ovulation (for urine or saliva crystallization) or ultrasound monitoring of follicle growth.You can also use the calendar method, hoping to mid-cycle, from the first day of menstruation, but this method is unreliable.

What should be the length of the cycle?What fluctuation cycle length are the norm, and which indicate ovulation disorders?

ideal is considered to be a cycle of 28 days, but this cycle can boast only 15% of women.Under the rules laid cycle length records from 20 to 45 days.So, if a woman has a lifetime steady cycle is 40 days long, then it is absolutely normal.

also considered the norm small fluctuations cycle length - but no more than 7-10 days.

What are the chances to conceive a child in the first cycle?

Experts believe that even a completely healthy for couples to conceive a child may need a year.This is due to the fact that ovulation does not occur in each cycle.For absolutely healthy women of childbearing age the norm is more anovulatory cycles per year.

In addition, if a woman recently stopped taking contraceptives, you need a few months before the menstrual cycle.

And even if sexual intercourse coincides with ovulation and the egg was successfully fertilized, it is likely that the developing embryo can not be implanted.

statistical probability of getting pregnant in the first cycle of 15-25%.About 50% of women become pregnant within the first 3 months, 75% - for six months, 90% - within one year after the beginning of the planning.

When can I plan pregnancy after discontinuation of oral contraceptives?

recommended to postpone conception for 3 months after discontinuation of oral contraceptives.This period is necessary to restore hormonal balance and replenish vitamins and minerals deficiency, which occurs in patients receiving hormonal contraceptives.

How long should postpone conception after taking antibiotics?

After taking antibiotics, it is desirable to plan conception is not earlier than after 2-3 cycle.

How long after cesarean section can become pregnant again?

for recovery after cesarean section is required over a longer period than the natural birth.This is due to the formation of scar - external and uterine scar.Therefore, after caesarean section is recommended to wait 2-3 years before planning the next pregnancy.

it possible to advance completely eliminate the risk of disorders during pregnancy and the development of birth defects in the child?

malformations occur in approximately 3-4% of all newborns.And, unfortunately, completely exclude the probability of occurrence of certain defects in the baby, as well as ensure that the pregnancy will take place without complications, modern medicine is not under force.At the same time significantly reduce the likelihood of birth defects is quite real.

First of all we are talking about heart diseases and malformations of the central nervous system (CNS).Of the central nervous system defects frequently observed hydrocephalus, cerebrospinal hernia, choroid plexus papilloma, microcephaly.Approximately one third of infants with CNS malformations die shortly after birth.More than half of those who survive have serious violations, leading to disability.

But do not be scared ahead of time.To reduce the risk of central nervous system malformations in the child in your power.And this will help in folic acid (vitamin B9).Admission is 400 micrograms (0.4 mg) of folic acid for 1-3 months before pregnancy reduces the likelihood of the development of the central nervous system malformations in the fetus by 70%.As for heart defects, the lower the likelihood of their development will help vitamin B2 (riboflavin),

Admission for pre-conception vitamin B6 can help prevent edema and early toxicity and vitamin C protects the membranes from premature rupture.

Reduce the risk of endocrine disruption in the mother and child will iodine.A trace elements magnesium, zinc, selenium, and help maintain hormonal balance, promote normal growth and development of the fetus.

important to understand that no matter how balanced it was powered, fully meet the body's need for micronutrients useful only at the expense of food impossible.In most cases, doctors advise at the stage of the child's planning to take special facilities for parents, for example Speroton and Pregnoton.

Pregnoton drug specifically designed for expectant mothers.It contains vitamins C, E, B2 and B6, folic acid, minerals iodine, selenium, magnesium, zinc, amino acids L-arginine and extract Vitex sacred.

A complex Speroton produced specifically for men.Included in the Sperotona components (folic acid, L-carnitine, selenium, zinc, vitamin E) improves the structure of sperm concentration and increase their mobility, and regulate the processes of spermatogenesis are normalized condition of the male reproductive system.

Reception Sperotona and Pregnotona should start three months before the expected date of conception.This will compensate for the lack of nutrients in the body and normalize the functioning of the reproductive system of both prospective parents.

Should completely eliminate alcohol during pregnancy planning?

If you want to minimize the risk of possible chromosomal abnormalities and malformations in the child, in the run-up to try to conceive a completely give up alcohol for at least 3 months prior to conception.

To schedule a child's sex?

Many couples dream of a child of a particular sex.Sites and women's forums are filled with topics such as "how to plan a child's sex" or "what it takes to conceive a boy."

theoretically increase the chances of conceiving a child of a particular sex is possible.However, you plan the sex of the baby will not help any Chinese table or a lunar calendar, not a diet.The only theory that has a right to exist, is connected with the peculiarities of sperm with different chromosome set.

known that the sex of the child is determined at conception and depends on whether the sperm to fertilize the egg.If the sperm has penetrated the egg with a Y-chromosome, then you will have a son, when an X-chromosome - a girl.

Y-sperm are more mobile, but less hardy than their counterparts to the X chromosome.Therefore, for the conception of a boy would be more likely if intercourse occurs directly in the day of ovulation.In these circumstances, the likelihood is high that the male sperm with a Y-chromosome gets to the egg first.

If intercourse took place in two or three days before ovulation, then the chances increase hardier sperm with the X chromosome that can wait for an egg for several days.

But remember that this is only a theoretical possibility.And it may well be that even after sexual intercourse on the day of ovulation, the egg fertilized by sperm with the X chromosome.

Therefore, the desire to plan the baby's sex in any case should not become a mania.It is not so important, the boy or girl will be born.The main thing that a child born healthy to the joy of mom and dad.

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