Spring beriberi : what we lack

As a result of deficiency or absence of vitamins develops vitamin deficiency - vitamin deficiency or vitamin deficiencies.The reason vitamin deficiency may be not only the lack of vitamins in the diet, but also disturbance of their intestinal absorption, transport to tissues and the conversion into the biologically active form.In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract organs violated the assimilation of vitamins and can cause their failure.

massive survey conducted by the Institute of Nutrition, suggest widespread various forms of beriberi.The most unfavorable case with vitamin C deficiency is detected in 70-100% of children, pregnant and lactating women, the adult working population, the elderly.In 40-80% of insufficient supply of vitamins B and carotene.In 70% of pregnant women Russian found folic acid deficiency and vitamin B6 deficiency in pregnant women close to 90-100%.

Almost all of us there is a spring vitamin deficiency and lack of minerals.If you feel sleepy, exhaustion, irritability, decrea

sed attention and memory if you are vulnerable to all kinds of colds, if you quickly get tired eyes and reduces the severity of night vision, if you have dry flaky skin, plagued by acne, barley and boils, crackedlips, exfoliate nails and hair dull and hard fall, visible bleeding gums when "not strong" cleaning teeth - this is the spring beriberi.

Therefore, in all these cases, people are advised to take vitamin and mineral preparations, but taking vitamins keep in mind that many of them are not compatible with each other.For example, vitamin C bad "coexist" with copper, vitamin E loses activity in excess of iron etc.Therefore, to assess not only its composition and balance, but also that the content of the recommended daily allowance ingredients when choosing a multivitamin preparation.According to the recommendations of physicians vitamin and mineral supplements is best taken at different times of the day.

It is also worth noting that excessive intake of vitamins can lead to hypervitaminosis, which can occur either as a result of a single intake of large doses of vitamin (usually in the form of vitamin preparations), or as a result of prolonged use of vitamins in doses exceeding the body's needs.Each vitamin and mineral complex you can buy at a pharmacy without a prescription, but that does not mean that it must take a chaotic, intense and too massive doses - intake of vitamins should strictly conform to its physiological needs.

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