12 August

Benefits and harms of butter

As a food product, in Russia the butter has become popular even in the IX century.He always loved, but in recent years, literally from all sides insist that butter is harmful to health.And many believe that leads to the abandonment of the natural oil in favor of margarine.And that in fact: harmful or helpful butter?

The useful butter?

Unlike other fats, butter has a unique digestibility - about 97-98%, due to their chemical composition.Butter

delivers fatty acids in the body, which are used for the synthesis of amino acids in the organism, as well as other organic substances.

Unsaturated fatty acids of particular value to the body, also known as vitamin P. They are involved in cell metabolism, has anti-sclerotic properties and are a determining factor in the growth of children.

Vitamin P provides normal carbohydrate and lipid metabolism and regulates redox processes of normalization of cholesterol levels in the blood.

The butter contains phosphatides, which together with proteins are the material

for the construction of cell membranes in the human body.And phospholipids, which are also part of the oil - the main components of enzymes that are essential for stress and nervous strain.

One of the main advantages of butter is a low melting point.This stomach oil quickly becomes liquid and well digested.This quality butter allowed to recommend it as a dietary food product in various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gall bladder, as well as the diet for children.

harmful to butter?

Many people deliberately exclude from the diet of this product, for fear of increasing cholesterol levels.And it is absolutely vain - the problem is that the diet is necessary to prepare properly.According to the norms of food can be eaten no more than 20g of natural butter per day.

researchers have found that with proper butter diet not only increases the cholesterol, but rather reduces the amount of total fat in the blood and maintain a constant level of linoleic acid, which makes this product necessary for treating atherosclerosis.

It should reduce the amount of butter in the diet or rule in favor of the plant at all at certain stages of obesity.

Recipes of traditional medicine with butter

When gastritis and peptic ulcer disease stomach

Mix equal parts natural butter and honey and take one tablespoon twice a day - morning and evening before meals.

When teething in children

If your child is teething, you can avoid severe pain, if lubricated natural butter gums.

Bronchitis and coughs

Take two tablespoons of natural butter, 2 fresh egg yolks, two teaspoons of honey, one teaspoon of flour and stir well.Take this mixture one teaspoon several times a day.

Recipes with butter in cosmetology

When hair loss

Massaging the scalp butter mixture, and marigold juice can stop the hair loss process.

When acne and abrasions

Prepare the cream: three pieces of natural butter, one part shredded sorrel leaves into mush, mix and boil.Then the mixture cool and lubricate the damaged areas.

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