Autumn depression

Autumn ... Waking up in the morning, we see the darkness outside the window.Returning home from work, again wandered in the twilight, hiding her face from the rain and wind.The head more often climb melancholy thoughts, mood falls every day ... This is the season of autumn depression.According to the psychologists, it affects about 30% of healthy people.

apparent lack of light and the sun, coming cold, bad weather many people act just depressing.And everyday fatigue accumulates, the more so because many people simply do not know how to properly rest and relax.

In cold weather, the body needs more sleep than in summer, but as often happens: Call a friend - and chatted till midnight.The next day, late movie on TV was interesting, then just had insomnia.Only every morning alarm calls regularly on the job!

The accumulated lack of sleep - a wonderful soil for the development of depression.The body does not forgive the stolen hours of sleep every day, fatigue accumulates, and soon there are irritability an

d depression.The conclusion is simple: it is necessary to closely monitor mode.If you have trouble falling asleep at night - will help a great sleeping pill: spoon of honey in a glass of hot milk.

Another reason for seasonal depression - an unhealthy diet.Even in the autumn, when many vegetables and fruits, vitamin deficiencies may occur.To fill it easy - select special multivitamin wide, but it is best to organize a proper diet: more fresh greens, fruits and vegetables!Try to eliminate from a diet of caffeine and refined sugar - according to some studies, they contribute to depression.

Another cause of depression - lack of sunlight.Try to spend more time in the air, use every opportunity to take a walk in the daytime.During this period it will be useful to go to the solarium.

And what about the psychological reasons?Of course, in one fell swoop can not erase all the difficulties, but you can greatly simplify your life sitting on "an emotional diet."First of all, take care of the comfort of your home.

Comfort is made up of little things that we sometimes do not attach importance.The house must be really warm, then it is possible and often ventilate.The house should be light: Do not change the chandelier for a cozy and modern it is time?Think about what else is missing your home dreary cold evenings: soft music, furry cat, and maybe gay friends, cooking in the kitchen hot mulled wine?

more exact recipe to get rid of depression, you can write yourself only themselves.Try to remember everything that usually leads you in a good mood, for example, going to the barber shop or a movie, hot bath with aromatic foam or a trip to the shops with a friend?This is your list of medications, take them more often.

Try to collect positive emotions, cheer up all possible ways.You are more depressed, especially since the fall ephemeral - coming to meet her sunny and snowy winter with bright and beautiful holiday, and there already and to spring to summer near!

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