17 August

What you need to know about painkillers

painkillers are often perceived as a way to quickly and easily get rid of any pain, whether it be a headache or aching tooth, hoarse throat or bruised leg, and so on .. But few people seriously thinking, how it can affect the uncontrolled use of healthanesthetics.That is in great demand with a variety of pain "universal analgin."

course, pain pills can quickly eliminate the discomfort and bring us back to normal.But it is better before taking such means to get acquainted with some of the regulations on the use of pain medication.

In addition, it is important to remember that if you resort to pain relief more often than once a week, you should always consult a doctor to find and eliminate the cause of recurring pain.

Some rules of admission painkillers

- Do not attempt to remove abdominal pain, especially acute, analgesics.It is possible that required surgery.Therefore, you should consult a doctor immediately or call an ambulance!

- If there was a strong pain in the chest in the heart is not receiv

ing needed painkillers and immediately call the ambulance!

- No need to drink painkillers as a preventive measure, in the hope of preventing pain.Uses of such funds will not be receiving, but an overdose is possible.

- If you have a sudden headache, accompanied by vomiting, fever and severe sleepiness, increasing rotation or tilt of the head, you urgently need to use emergency medical care and tested for encephalitis, meningitis, acute sinusitis, monitor intracranial pressure, as well as conductdiagnosis on the appearance of a variety of tumors.

- Do not take the different types of pain medication at the same time or in succession.In addition to the harm it will bring nothing!In the case of severe pain, you can take the maximum dose , but one of the drug!

- Analgesics need to drink plenty of water - at least the glass.

- Beware of an overdose of painkillers.It was found that three of the hundreds of headache comes because of the overdose of such funds.Moreover, it is enough to just three tablets analgin taken in a single day.

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