12 August

Female Alcoholism : Myths and Reality

Trouble at work, in the family, emotional trauma and unresolved problems - it all suddenly fallen out of the blue!Women often take matters into their own hands, spinning, trying to find a way out.But what to do when all at once ?!There is a feeling of emptiness, stifle problems, it seems that in this world you have one, the support nowhere to wait.

Hands move down, there is a desire to forget, to escape, to hide from problems push.In a situation of constant tension woman just need to relax.And here it is - salvation: miss-glass of the other with friends or alone.

In small doses, alcohol acts as a stimulant, thus relieving stress and relax.In large doses, its effect is changed to the opposite - alcohol "works" as a depressant, suppressing the will and interest in life.

habit applied to the bottle to relieve stress - the surest means of taking alcohol, because alcohol is first formed as a psychological dependence, and only then - as a physiological and biochemical.

Many people think that there is a "s

afe" dose.No!Relatively safe for women are considered the two units of alcohol per day.One unit - a 125 ml wine strength of 9 ° or 0.5 liters of beer.But such a daily dose may lead to addiction, and therefore it is called a conditional.

Alcoholism threatens not only to those who drink low-quality drinks, "Singe" vodka.Alcoholism can affect everyone, regardless of social status, and no matter what you drink: beer, wine, whiskey ...

It is believed that in small doses, alcohol is good for health, especially red wine.This is one of the most dangerous misconceptions, because alcohol is useful dose, exactly half conditionally safe.In this context, units are held, and certainly, the more a little, who drew attention to the fact that it is drinking.For therapeutic purposes (to lower cholesterol levels in the blood) are recommended only natural red wine.

Alcohol for the female body is much more destructive than the male.Remember that female alcoholism is always more difficult to treat.

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