12 August

"Living " water

in our body depends on so much water that it can rightly be called - a living.Without exaggeration: the water for the body - life itself!You know that the human body is 80% water.Water is contained in every cell of our body.No body can not do without life-giving water.In short, well-being, health and appearance to 80% dependent on the amount of and, of course, the quality of water consumed.

may seem that we consume enough fluids during the day.We drink tea, coffee, soda, eat soup, fruits and vegetables.But only plain water can easily pass through the membrane and penetrates the cell is associated, i.e. which became a chemical compound (coffee, soda, etc.) Remains in the tissue.It turns out that the interstitial space filled with fluid and the cells it is not enough.

glut of liquid tissues (not water) may cause swelling, heavy with the body.Many do this is fundamentally wrong conclusion - in the body plenty of fluids - and stop drinking.And it is the most common mistake - even when an excess of fluid,

the body can urgently need water, experiencing some discomfort associated with dehydration at the cellular level.

Since vital organs are not able to fully operate in dehydration, the body will self-extract water - pull out the interstitial fluid.And by all means keep it, creating cramps, pain, discomfort (pressure increase, vasospasm).

resist and not to drink - very hard.And we drink, increasing the burden on the heart, which has to distill a much greater than necessary, the volume of liquid.Extracts and kidneys, which need to filter out everything that enters the body.The kidneys, by the way, stronger than other bodies suffer from dehydration on the intercellular level: so small glomeruli, which takes place the cleaning process.

"Drying the body -. It is a direct path to the disease only increased only welcome good clean," living "water, can cure many diseases."

Water should be free of chlorine and contaminants.This can be as refined mineralized water and water from springs and artesian wells, which in abundance are sold in stores.But in any case, not sparkling!Because the diet is desirable to completely eliminate fluid, which contribute to dehydration.These include coffee, soft drinks (Pepsi-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, etc.), Beer, alcohol, diuretics.

Today, there are many diets that are based on a limited number of fluid intake and elimination of salt intake.This approach may allow and lose a couple of kilos of ... water.Fats also remain in place and further consolidate on the problem areas.Plus, after such a diet can amass unpleasant sores.But due to cleaning and get rid of toxins, the figure will be able to acquire the desired shape.

Our body needs a "clean", and the water here performs the function of purification.After all, hardly anyone will think venturing cleaning the apartment without water.So it is with our body - without water cleaning is not possible!Everything has to be washed, dissolve displayed.

People who maintain normal water balance, look much younger than his years.They improve the complexion, smooth skin, no bags under the eyes, fatigue disappears and the energy becomes larger.

is no coincidence that the majority of expensive cosmetic products that help us to maintain youth, to make advertising emphasis on moisturizing effect.What-what, and should believe in this advertisement!Most of the manufacturers of cosmetics do carry out laboratory tests confirming the percentage of production retains the skin's moisture balance.That's just whether you want to pay out of pocket cost of clinical trials?When the secret of health and beauty bestowed on nature is very simple and accessible to everyone.So that doubt away and forward - to the nearest spring!

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