Anthropogenic radiation and your health

Earth as the Sun is a powerful emitter of electromagnetic waves.But all around us there is a huge number of man-made electromagnetic radiation sources, which has incomparably greater emphasis on human health.Both in Russia and in the West, scientists have studied the effect of electromagnetic waves emitted by a variety of household appliances, on human health.

found that the most sensitive to the action of EME were nervous, hormonal and cardiovascular systems.

The earliest effects of electromagnetic fields on human - disorders of the nervous system.People for a long time were in the area of ​​electromagnetic radiation, complain of fatigue, irritability, emotional lability, insomnia, daytime sleepiness, nightmares, fatigue, sweating, memory disorders, headaches.

Violations by cardiovascular system at this stage appear as unstable blood pressure, pain in the heart.Also changing the composition of blood and broken communication between authorities.As a result of prolonged exposure to electromagnetic

wave biological effect builds up and may develop degenerative processes of the central nervous system, the occurrence of cancer, cardiovascular, hormonal and mental illness.

particularly devastating impact man-made electromagnetic fields have on children, pregnant women, cores, allergies, people with weakened immune systems and diseases of the nervous system.They can even cause a painful birth of children or infertility.In general, as it turned out in studies of electromagnetic fields can cause various deformities, acting at different stages of pregnancy, but the embryo is most vulnerable in the early and late periods.

Electromagnetic fields can also cause infertility as women's ovaries are much more sensitive to them than the male sex gland.And all the women, judging by the results of the observations were more sensitive to the effects of electromagnetic fields.

But men should not be complacent: it is proved that electromagnetic fields have a negative impact on the potency and the level of male sex hormones.Czech scientists believe televisions cause of fertility decline in Europe.And other studies conducted in different countries, the largest percentage of impotent men found among people who spend many hours every day at the computer.

Speaking of unproductive hormones that affect electromagnetic fields and their production, in particular on the production of melatonin - the hormone responsible for sleep, so a person who is a few hours at the TV, computer or other electrical appliances, there is insomnia.

And very harmful to be near a microwave oven, when it is turned on.It is proved that this increases the risk of liver cancer, and diseases of the stomach, intestines and pancreas several times.Unfortunately, there is no research on how the human body works on food, through which radiation is omitted.

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