18 August

Planning for pregnancy : how to start?

pregnancy planning - a set of measures aimed at maximum elimination of risk factors for fetal malformations during the period of conception and gestation.

"Such a responsible approach to the future parents the birth of a new life today, is perceived more as the norm rather than the exception to the rule."

How to prepare for pregnancy?

pregnancy planning - where to start and when to start the action?Recommended by doctors as possible to prospective conception - 3-4 months.From this point on, not only the potential mother, but also the future father should give up bad habits, stick to a balanced diet and a healthy regime.

Drug and vitamin therapy in pregnancy planning

Providing the body with essential vitamins ensures the correct functioning of all its systems, not only when planning pregnancy.How to organize their arrival - using synthetic complexes or in-kind - a private matter.

Ease ready multivitamin complexes - the exact dosage of micronutrients.Natural vitamins are derived from nature, it

is better absorbed by the body.Among their list for the mother stands out vitamin B9 (folic acid) .It prevents the development of fetal malformations in the baby, but the B9 is not synthesized by our bodies.

Doctors note the impossibility B9 overdose.Fresh greens (spinach, lettuce, parsley), fatty varieties of marine fish, cereals and whole grain bread, cottage cheese and other dairy products - natural sources of folic acid.

Drugs "Cyclodynon" and "Divigel" as an additional way for the establishment of a hormonal background of the female body, taken strictly on prescription.

necessary surveys and studies

Decide with visit to the necessary expertise and map analyzes and surveys will help in family planning centers.You can also refer to a local therapist who primarily recommend prospective parents pass the clinical tests to determine the overall health - a general analysis of urine and blood.

Besides standard assays can be done more, the result of which will give the most objective picture of your health.

1. Analyses of the biochemical and sugar.It is very important to the future mother group definition, and especially the blood of Rh-factor.

2. Blood test for hormones.

3. Analysis of the HIV-infection.

4. TORCH-complex - detects the presence of antibodies to the hepatitis B virus, herpes simplex, rubella, toxoplasma.

5. Analysis of STI (sexually transmitted infection).

6. BAC-seeding.

the presence of chronic diseases therapist will send to specialists to help achieve long-term remission of the disease.At the same time you can make the necessary vaccinations.

next step - a visit to a physician-geneticist.It will determine whether or not your family at risk falls on the total hereditary factors, and suggest possible ways out of the dangerous situation for the future of the fetus.

"potential father, in turn, must confirm their willingness to future fertility by visiting andrologist and making spermogrammu plus analysis of compatibility."

Dentist - this is another specialist treatment which is necessary.Remediation of the oral cavity acts as a guarantee that the germs and the infection will not have access to your unborn baby through the cavities of teeth.

And, of course, a gynecologist - chief specialist for the expectant mother.It is he who tells the most probable days to conceive and will provide support for pregnant women up to successful delivery.

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