Mothers note.Spring vitamin deficiency in children

spring body of a child is experiencing a sharp shortage of vitamins.How can we help our children?

• Requires vitamin C. But do not immediately run to the pharmacy, from an overdose of synthetic ascorbic acid can be complications in the kidneys, the stomach.It is best to include in the diet of the child's "real" vitamins.Especially a lot of ascorbic acid in oranges and grapefruits.Therefore, you can start the morning with the preparation of fresh juice.Press the juice from half of a grapefruit or diluted with a little water, so as not to irritate, and allow the child to drink on an empty stomach.

In addition, often let lemons: tea, diluted lemon juice, you can even cook grated lemon with sugar.Clean peel from the fruit, chopped, sprinkle with sugar and let the baby after every meal.Lemon has an empty stomach is not necessary.

If your child is allergic to citrus fruits, make the infusion of rose hips, or buy ready-made syrup.Let every day or sauerkraut juice out of it - it has more than vitamin C than


• In order to ensure the child's body iron, add to its usual diet of pomegranate juice from half in the morning, on an empty stomach is better.And at night, you can give a couple of walnuts with honey.Many iron include eggs, seafood, and have it in the eggplant.From time to time indulge kid these delicacies.Inclusion seafood menu is also important because they contain iodine required for normal metabolism.

• If you do not object to your child's doctor, it is possible to spend a month's course of taking a multivitamin.After him - month break.Select those vitamin complexes, which contain trace elements, particularly iron, molybdenum, cobalt and zinc.

• The organism is in early spring and still suffers from a lack of sunlight.This is what causes depressed mood, moodiness, fatigue of the child.Try to be with them more in the open air in the daytime.You can follow a policy kvartsevaniya - at home, in the solarium or the children's clinic.And one more rule: to submit the baby to bed an hour earlier than usual.His body at this time require additional amounts of sleep.

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