Aromatherapy for diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Aromatherapy against arthritis


fast-acting pain reliever for arthritis and muscle overexertion is the oil of ginger.5 drops of this oil was mixed with 10 ml of vegetable oil.

for massage and rubbing, you can use oil of coriander 5 drops of essential oil of coriander, mix with 10 ml of vegetable oil.

rub until completely absorbed, wrapped in a warm blanket or rug to lie quietly for 2 hours.Provides

analgesic effect of thyme oil arthritis: 8-10 drops of oil mixed with 10 ml of the vehicle (vegetable oil or cosmetic cream), rub out thoroughly the resulting mixture.


aromabath to use oils of thyme, ginger, coriander and fir, as well as combinations thereof.

# 3 drops of thyme oil + 2 drops of ginger + 2 drops of coriander

# 2 drops of fir + 5 drops of ginger

# 3 drops of coriander oil + 1 drop fir + 1 drop of thyme + 3 drops of ginger

# 1 dropginger oil + 4 drops of fir + 2 drops of thyme.

water temperature in the bathroom should be very warm, but not burning.Take it

no more than 30 minutes, then wipe dry, rub the towel on which to drop 2 drops of pine oil and soak in warm 1-2 hours.


easier to bear the pain of arthritis can be using incenses and aromatic oils in aromatherapy.Select worth cedar oil, rosemary, eucalyptus, cypress, chamomile, ginger, cloves, lemon, pine, lavender.Effective action have the following fragrances oils:

- 2 drops of oil of ginger + 3 drops rosemary

- 3 drops of cypress + 3 drops of lavender

- 1 drop cedar oil + 2 drops of pine + 3 drops of lavender

- 4 dropschamomile oil + 2 drops of pine.3 drops of clove oil + 2 drops of ginger

- 2 drops of eucalyptus oil + 1 drop of rosemary + 1 drop of clove

- 3 drops lemon oil + 1 drop + 1 drop cedar pine.


In aromamedalon can drop:

- 3 drops of myrrh

- 2 drops of oil of oregano + 1 drop of clove

- 2 drops of oil of sage + 1 drop of pine
2 drops of nutmeg oil

- 1 droplime oil + 1 drop of pine + 1 drop of lavender.

Aromatherapy Against Rheumatism

Massage Relieves muscle tension and eliminates the rheumatic pains of cinnamon oil: 12-15 drops of cinnamon oil to 10 ml of vegetable.Since ancient times, used in rheumatic pains rosemary oil 7 drops of oil to 10 ml of the vehicle (vegetable oil, baby cream, milky lotion).The mixture was slightly warmed in a water bath, then rub into the skin.

often at pains of this nature used oil of thyme: 10-12 drops of oil to 10 ml of base from sunflower or almond oil.

effective in treating rheumatism sage oil: 5-6 drops of oil mixed with 10 ml of alcohol, quickly rub his back, shook his woolen scarf or handkerchief, relax in the warm and at rest for at least 2 hours.After that, it is not recommended to go out.

Removes pain in arthritis cedar oil 7 drops per 10 ml of sea buckthorn oil or sunflower.

fir Oil helps you remove the swelling and pain associated with rheumatic pains: 7 drops per 10 ml of vegetable or almond oil.

pine oil has a high penetrating power, po┬Četomu it effectively combats rheumatism: Take 10 drops of pine oil, mix with 10 ml of vegetable oil, quickly rub, wrap in a woolen blanket, lie 1 -2 hours.

on the street do not go after this massage!


All packs to help cope with rheumatism should be warming.

7 sage oil droplets mix with 5-10 ml of alcohol, heat to a temperature of ~ 60 ┬░ C water bath, apply this mixture on the fabric absorbs moisture, apply the compress on the affected area, on top of polyethylene, then tie a woolen scarf orscarf, 2 hours soak in the warmth.

6 cedar oil droplets drip on the towel, and tie them, then it is desirable to spend in bed 1 -2 hours.This wrap is best done at night: 10-12 drops of fir oil drip on the woolen cloth, apply to the affected area, and tie a warm scarf.With this compress, you can spend the night.


Zoom rheumatic pains will help you the next oil, and combinations thereof: lavender, black pepper, grapefruit, pine, oregano, marjoram, fennel.

- 3 drops of lavender oil + 2 drops of pine

- 3 drops of black pepper oil + 1 drop marjoram

- 3 drops of grapefruit + 1 drop of pine

- drops of oil of fennel + 1 drop marjoram + 2 drops lavender

- 3 drops of oregano oil + 2 drops lavender

- 1 drop of black pepper oil + 1 drop marjoram + 1 drop of lavender 2 drops of pine.


For aromamedalona suitable oils of nutmeg, cinnamon, geranium, basil, cedar in proportion:

- 1 drop of oil of nutmeg + 1 drop basil

- 2 drops of oil of geranium

- 2 drops of cinnamon oil+ 1 drop of nutmeg

- 1 drop cedar oil + 2 drops of basil.

Aromatherapy against osteoarthritis


This illness will help oil of thyme, take 10 drops of this oil, mixed with 5 ml of vegetable oil, carefully rub the mixture into the skin, then put on warm woolen jacket.

not less effective in osteochondrosis fir oil: 5 drops of pine oil to 10 ml of vegetable.

Massage before bedtime recommended using cypress oil: Mix 5 drops of cypress oil and 10 ml of almond oil, heat the mixture in a water bath, quickly rub, put on a flannel shirt and wrapped in a blanket.


For aromatic baths need to use oils of geranium, eucalyptus, cypress, nutmeg, rosemary.

necessary to comply with the following proportions:

- 4 drops of geranium oil + 3 drops of eucalyptus

- 2 drops of geranium oil + 2 drops of cypress + 2 drops rosemary

- 5 drops of cypress

- 3 drops of oil of nutmeg | + 2eucalyptus drops.3 drops of rosemary + 1 drop of geranium + 1 drop of eucalyptus.

water in the bath should be very warm.To take such a bath is recommended for 30-40 minutes, after which you need to quickly and carefully rub hard with a towel, put on a warm jacket and a good warm up in bed.In no event do not go out and avoid drafts!


This method contributes to the effectiveness of aroma massage, and aromatic baths.For him you need rosemary oil, lavender, geranium, cypress, mint, marjoram, nutmeg.You can also use fragrances:

- 2 drops of rosemary oil + 2 drops lavender

- 3 drops of geranium oil + 1 drop of cypress + 1 drop of rosemary

- 2 drops of cypress + 4 drops of peppermint

- 3 drops of oregano oil+ 1 drop of nutmeg.


For aromamedalona use of thyme oil, tea tree, nutmeg in a pure form.

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