12 August

People's treatment of hearing loss and tinnitus

to improve hearing have long used traditional recipes.Many of them have come down to the present day.However, before the proposed use recipes, you should consult a doctor.

Traditional recipes for improving hearing

• To improve the hearing will be useful every day after breakfast to eat an average value of half a lemon with peel, but without sugar.Within a week you will notice a positive result.

But this recipe is not recommended for those who have gastrointestinal disease or allergic reactions to citrus!

• Another old folk recipe came to our time.It is believed that the ear can improve with the help of the river reeds.It is necessary to cut the stem length of 40 cm, clear it from the middle of the flesh, lay in the hollow trunk of a piece of cotton, leaving 5 cm on each side of the stem empty.Then you need to instill wool 6 drops of fir and eucalyptus essential oil and close the holes with plugs.

The treatment itself is a kind of inhalation: before you start you need to remove the cork from the ba

rrel of reeds, and then draw the mouth of fragrance reed tube.Mouthful of fragrant air drawn in, you need to hold hands nose and mouth and try to direct the air through the ears.After the procedure is necessary to close the tube plugs again.

For one procedure is necessary to make 5-6 such breaths, the number of procedures - 3-4 per day.A full course of treatment is 3 weeks, and then you want to make a ten-day break and repeat the treatment if necessary.

• To improve hearing must be mixed in equal proportions by volume of melted lard, onion juice and chicken fat.For the treatment need to dig twice a day - morning and evening, in each ear, three drops of this mixture.

• To prepare the next drug necessary to grate the beets, then 100g of the obtained beet pulp pour 200ml of water, add one tablespoon of honey, stir, put on fire, bring to a boil and simmer 15 minutes, stirring constantly.

resulting mixture must be imposed on the swab and make a compress around the ears.

• From tinnitus help following means: clean the onion, remove it from the center and fill it with caraway seeds.Then the bulb need to bake in the oven and then baked from the bulb to squeeze out the juice, strain it and instill 2-3 drops in each ear twice a day.Perform the procedure you need to disappearance of tinnitus.

• To improve hearing make such inhalation: vinegar diluted with water at a ratio of 2: 1, heated to boiling, pour into a cup and, having covered his head with a towel to breathe vapors of this mixture for 15 minutes.A full course of treatment is 20 procedures.Do you need one procedure per day.

• Viburnum berries brew, grind into a puree, mix with honey (the proportion of 1: 1).Then apply the mixture on a napkin, tie it, and at night lay in his ears.

• Mix 1 tablespoon of pharmacy alcohol tincture of propolis with four tablespoons of olive oil.Shake the mixture and soak it gauze flagellum to be carefully inserted into each ear.In repeat during the day, leave the flagellum in the ears, and then a day later.A full course of treatment is 10-12 procedures.

• When hearing loss and tinnitus you need to make the diet mixed in equal proportions, beet and cranberry juice.

Drink it should be three times a day for 50 ml.

• It is also useful every day on an empty stomach two hours before breakfast, drink one tablespoon of corn oil, washed down with a glass of pre-warmed "Borjomi".

course of treatment is three weeks.

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