18 August

Diet for bowel

Almost everyone in their lifetime encounters with certain diseases have a negative impact on the condition and operation of the body.One way to avoid such trouble and defeat the disease as soon as possible is a health food.

particularly important role proper nutrition plays in the prevention of bowel problems.Given the fact that the intestine is involved in the digestion process and is responsible for the excretion of the digested food, the normalization of its work should be given enough attention and take appropriate action at the first sign of disease.

The causes of intestinal diseases

The first and most common cause of problems in the bowel - is wrong and unhealthy food.Violation of diets and reduced quality of food consumed can lead to bowel disease.

addition, bowel problems often appear after undergoing dysentery intoxication and infection protozoa.Bowel disease is not uncommon after trauma and observance of strict diets or defective.

All known today bowel disease can be divided into acute a

nd chronic.To prevent overflow of the disease into a chronic form, should be promptly and properly remove it, resorting to therapeutic feeding.

Principles of clinical nutrition in diseases of the bowel

No matter what kind of bowel disease you caught up, there are general principles of clinical nutrition, which should be followed to obtain quick and effective results.First of all, you must comply with a certain diet, namely, to eat at the same time and on a regular basis.

As for the diet, it is best to diversify as much as possible.Clinical nutrition is selected on an individual basis, taking into account the characteristics of the human body and the intricacies of the disease.

Complement nutrition should be physical activity, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and receiving extra vitamins and nutrients.It is also necessary to observe certain rules of cooking products.

General recommendations for nutrition in diseases of the bowel

As mentioned earlier, for maximum effect it is necessary to carefully select the products, as they are divided into several groups, each of which is recommended in certain types of intestinal diseases.

If constipation should focus on products that increase the fermentation processes in the intestine.This poultry meat, stringy meat, a food rich in fiber, berries, fruits and vegetables, and vegetable oils.

normalize digestion and metabolism in the body to help yogurt, whey, yogurt and brew.Do not forget about the idiosyncrasy of the product, which may lead to a decrease in the level of production of the enzyme responsible for breaking down glycogen, which can result in enteropathy.

Diet for bowel

If bowel disease has no features and runs in normal mode, it is recommended to resort to a standard diet for bowel cleansing it, normalizing the function of evacuation and controlling caloric intake.Sticking to such a diet should be on the recommendation of the doctor-gastroenterologist, and observe it for no longer than two weeks.

On the first day of the diet are allowed to eat 1.5 kg of green apples and drink three cups of green tea without sugar.second day of the menu consists of salad from cucumbers, seasoned with vegetable oil, a glass of kefir or milk and two teaspoons of honey.On the third day you can eat a serving of oatmeal in the water, 200g of boiled beef and half a cup of boiled rice, washed down all the green tea unsweetened.On the fourth day allowed to eat oatmeal, salad from fresh carrots and low-fat cottage cheese.fifth day diet menu will repeat the first, the sixth - the third and the seventh - the fourth.The diet next week will be the same as the previous diet.

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