Avitaminosis.How to make up for the deficiency of vitamins

It is believed that lack of vitamins can make up just eating right.Indeed, the products contain a huge amount of vitamins, but the question is how much of these foods should be eaten in order to make up for the missing.For example, to maintain a good view is necessary to eat at least 2.5-3 kg per day blueberry and daily dosage of selenium is 10 kg fat.

How's that ratsionchik and who will be able to master it?Therefore, when gipovitaminoze not do without the help of the pharmacy.But here, should not deceive ourselves: the optimal vitamin complex you will not find on the grounds that these do not exist.Sometimes a person needs about 600 kinds of nutrients, and it is impossible to make up for their one package of vitamins.Therefore, before going to the pharmacy is required to seek advice of his doctor, only he will advise you what to choose.

- Vitamin deficiency and vitamin deficiency - not the same thing.Beriberi - a real disease with serious consequences for health.This word, many mistakenly called sea

sonal ailments that are accompanied by weakness, drowsiness and lethargy.All of this is not yet the signs of vitamin deficiency - this is only the symptoms of vitamin A deficiency, or vitamin deficiencies.If it does not start, then the situation can save a good diet and careful attitude to yourself.But vitamin deficiency can be cured only by a doctor.

order is not reached to the hospital, you have to be attentive to your body.This applies to all - the lack of vitamins can be in each of us.The reasons for this are many: the monotonous or bad food, bad storage and cooking of food, stress and work in hazardous environments, impaired metabolism, pregnancy.

What vitamins often do not have enough people living in the middle lane?

- Vitamin C. It all starts with general weakness and vertigo, as if deficits do not make up, can develop extreme beriberi C - scurvy.Rash appears, first bright red, then blue-black, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.With a lack of vitamin C dramatically decreases the body's resistance to infections.

-Vitamin A. begin to deteriorate eyesight, bad eyes adapt to the dark, develops photophobia and night blindness.The skin becomes dry and pale, there are acne and pustular lesions, mucous membrane becomes inflamed eyelids, and hair fade.

To avoid this, the diet must necessarily include foods that contain Vitamin A - liver, eggs, butter, carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, parsley, celery, dried apricots, sea buckthorn berries, mountain ash red, rose hips.

- Vitamin D. In adults, there comes fatigue, tooth enamel is black and destroyed, crumbling teeth, pain in the pelvic bones and muscles.Children can begin rickets, which features - irritability, sweating, paleness, delayed teething, change the bone system, susceptibility to acute respiratory infections.All this will not happen if there is plenty of beef liver and fish (halibut, cod, oily herring, mackerel), as well as egg yolks and butter.

- B vitamins loss of appetite, digestive disorders occur, nausea, constipation, weight loss, muscle weakness.With a shortage of vitamin B, there is loss of sensation in the extremities, dizziness.Movement causes palpitations and shortness of breath.B vitamin deficiency, may lead to the disease beriberi, which is accompanied by paraplegic and muscle wasting.Sources of vitamin B - Green peas, buckwheat, oats and millet porridge, sesame and sunflower seeds, rye flour, soy beans, wheat bread, whole grains.In the absence of vitamin B12 in the mucous membrane of the lips appears fine mesh cracks, covered with a yellow crust.The skin peels off in small flakes.There are painful sores in the corners of the mouth, burning sensation in the eyes.Vitamin B12 comes into contact with the compressed yeast, almonds, yogurt, milk, cheese, mushrooms, chicken eggs, herring, mackerel, herring.

in combating hypovitaminosis not necessarily chase the expensive exotic fruits and vegetables, it is quite enough and grown in native latitudes.These products and more affordable for our wallets, and more familiar to our stomachs.

same vitamin C in large quantities is contained not only in oranges and lemons, but also in the sea buckthorn, cranberries, rutabaga, mountain ash, black currant.If wholesome vegetables and fruit properly freeze or preserve the summer, in the spring, they will not lose their properties and to combat vitamin deficiency is very useful.Incidentally, juices vitamins absorbed more than food.

lot of useful substances (vitamins, valuable fatty acids, minerals) in germinated grains.If germinate a few days in the embryo increases the vitamin E and B complex, vitamin C appears, which is not in the usual beans.

Like any other disease, vitamin deficiency can be prevented, if the time to look at yourself.

the treatment of beriberi - do not overdo it with the doses: vitamin complexes is not entirely harmless, and their excessive consumption of one disease can go into another - hypervitaminosis, sometimes leading to loss of consciousness, convulsions and high temperature.

so pay attention to yourself and your health!

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