12 August

Liver cysts : causes, treatment

liver cyst - cavernous benign liver tissues.Within the walls of the cyst fluid liver is often devoid of color, smell.However, there are cases of yellow-green jelly filling cavity formation.

Cysts can be discovered in different liver segments.Dimensions tumors can reach 25 cm. The cyst of the liver is diagnosed primarily in women aged 30 to 50 years.

Symptoms of the disease is weakly expressed in the early stages, so the diagnosis of "liver cyst" has already put at a late stage.US - the main method of diagnosis, in this case - abdominal ultrasound .

There is a chance to discover a cyst, when the size of tumors only a few millimeters.According to statistics, this happens only during the US on the occasion of certain diseases.

"From the moment that revealed the liver cyst, ultrasound becomes a regular procedure."

liver cysts have their own classification.Congenital cysts are called true, and acquired - false.

Causes of true cysts experts see the complications suffered by the body even at stages o

f embryogenesis.True cysts are not a threat, is kept to a minimum size and do not show the dynamics of growth.

Acquired cysts are secondary in nature, since their education is the result of inflammation or injury, including those obtained during surgery.

formation of liver cysts in the adult is often associated with the use of oral contraceptives, estrogen or similar hormone preparations.But this individual cases.

cysts also can be parasitic (hydatid, alveokokkovye) and non-parasitic .Education parasitic cysts most often caused by human contact with sick animals.

If cysts are found in each of the segments (the left and right lobes of the liver), diagnosed with "polycystic liver."


first liver cysts symptoms:

1) discomfort after meals (for example, the severity of heartburn, regurgitation);

2) nausea;

3) diarrhea;

4) pain in the right hypochondrium during any fiznagruzki (even walking).

"Symptoms initial stage of formation and growth of cysts rarely give value. As a rule, people begin to self-medicate for the elimination of the disease. External manifestations"

However, the number of symptoms increases with the number of parameters or cysts.The result:

1) increases the size of the liver;

2) a person loses weight rapidly, his appetite decreased;

3) there is an asymmetric increase in the abdomen;

4) may develop jaundice.


In the period of treatment should undergo systematic examination by a gastroenterologist.In addition to ultrasound, have resorted to such methods of diagnosis like MRI and CT of the abdomen.

Surgery is required if:

2) ruptured cyst wall;

3) observed bleeding or purulent processes;

4) disturbed digestion;

5) persistent pain;

6) cyst grew to a diameter of 6 cm or more (in some cases about the operation only after the decision is made to increase the diameter of up to 10 cm).

In other cases, doctors prescribe a diet and medicines.

If cysts are found in pregnant women, and these tumors at an early stage, do not show strong growth, and do not cause pain, treatment of cysts is desirable to defer to postrodovogo period.

Folk remedies

Treatment folk remedies of liver cysts - a relatively safe event.It must necessarily be in consultation with the attending gastroenterologist you .Otherwise, you may encounter with exacerbations of other liver diseases, which stem in parallel with the development of cysts.

safest treatment of cysts is considered to use an empty stomach five raw quail eggs .such a course of treatment lasts for three weeks, it should be a two-week break for him.Resumption of course important in the event that the planned US shows positive dynamics.

For the treatment of liver cysts can use young leaves of burdock .From grass squeezed juice and take it 1 tbsp.spoon three times a day, but be sure - on an empty stomach.Juice stored in the refrigerator.The course is designed to receive a month.

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