Trace elements .Zinc in our lives

Even 5000 years ago, Egyptian pharaohs has been known a miracle cure for the healing of wounds, which was based on zinc.And in our time are open and other wonderful properties of this trace element.Why zinc is necessary for an organism and how to replenish its stocks, to be healthy and vigorous.

about the importance of zinc for the organism can speak at least the fact that it is found in all tissues and organs.On his body for about 2-3 grams.It is preserved mainly in the bones and muscles, it is up to 60%.But the highest concentration - in the endocrine glands: pituitary, pancreas, male sex glands.Also a lot of zinc in blood cells, retina, liver and kidneys.When zinc

food enters the body, it is absorbed in the small intestine then enters the liver.And from there the blood delivers it to different fibers.

As you can see, zinc is associated with a number of vital organs.It is not surprising that it has a strong influence on processes such as reproduction, growth and development of the body, blood, met

abolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.This substance is involved in approximately 200 enzymatic reactions in the human body.He is considered one of the most important nutrients for the immune system, because zinc also increases resistance to infections.

why teenagers are often prescribed a diet with a high content of zinc?The fact that this hormone stimulates the production of trace element responsible for the growth and weight increase, which is particularly important during the intensive growth and sexual maturation.In some countries, the Middle East and parts of Egypt's regions is frequently observed such diseases as dwarfism.The reason - the low zinc content in staple foods.

addition, the amount of zinc in the human diet is directly related to the restoration of tissues, that is the healing of wounds and burns and as a whole the state of the skin.That zinc is recommended for the treatment of acne and other skin troubles.Zinc is also necessary for the growth of hair and nails.It is believed that baldness in men at an older age is partly due to the deficiency of zinc in their diet or poor absorption of the substance.

For those who lead an active lifestyle is important zinc is another feature: it acts as an antioxidant.That is, protects muscle cells from the damaging effects of free radicals, which are inevitably formed due to the increased oxygen consumption during exercise.Furthermore, to form the muscles and strength necessary to develop the male sex hormone testosterone.In this case, for the success of the athletes, and zinc is also necessary for the male reproductive system health.

What can be considered as the first signs of zinc deficiency, and what serious consequences may cause long-term deficiency of this substance?

first warning signal - a loss or change of taste, olfactory and visual senses.This in turn leads to loss of appetite, digestive disorders, night blindness and other diseases.

also the earliest symptoms of zinc deficiency can include such unpleasant conditions such as depression, fatigue and loss of interest in life.

soon make themselves felt, and other symptoms are: hair loss, the appearance of white spots on nails, dermatitis, and slow healing of wounds.In the latter case, good help zinc ointment.But it's much more efficient to change the diet, so that it was more foods rich in zinc.

Brittle bones, rheumatism and arthritis also may be caused by zinc deficiency.After the bones for growth and recovery (which is important not only for children but also for adults) are required, not only calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.Need more and fluorine, and silicon, and zinc, and about them is often overlooked when the elements that are important for the skeletal structure.

separate discussion requires an increased need for zinc in pregnant women and young children.The level of zinc in the body of the mother directly affects the formation of the sky and the lips, eyes, heart, bones, lungs, brain and urinary system of the child.Occurrence of some forms of epilepsy and schizophrenia, can also contribute to zinc deficiency.

How much zinc is necessary for the normal functioning of the body?Daily norm is 15 mg for men and 12 mg - for women.Pregnant and nursing women are advised not to less than 30 mg.It would seem, it is not so much, but statistics show that 50 to 80 percent of people do not receive even this amount.

As for the excessive consumption of zinc, such cases are extremely rare.Although nutritionists and say that an excess of zinc suppresses the immune system, but it should be consumed daily to this effect with the food almost impossible doses of this substance.But to overdo it with food additives is not so difficult, and then show up the toxic properties of the elements: increased heart rate, diarrhea, damage to the pancreas and kidneys.

Why do so many people experience zinc deficiency?It turns out that it's not just the fact that food enters the body in insufficient quantities.The problem is its incomplete assimilation of a number of reasons.Lovers of sweet and salty must know that such food leads to loss of zinc orga┬Čnizmom.Even worse is the case with alcohol.Even in small quantities it reduces the level of zinc in blood plasma and muscles, but much more - in the liver.

Intensive treatment with cortisone and application of many birth control pills, may cause zinc deficiency.

Ironically, even quite healthy eating habits and lifestyle can be harmful for the assimilation of zinc.For example, fiber blocking its absorption.Therefore, diet, based on a high content of fruits and vegetables, but excludes meat results in absorption of zinc from products such as eggs and milk, by 25% only.So vegetarians also have to think about it.

Intense physical exercise in which inevitable microdamages in the muscle fibers, leading to loss of zinc by the body.For example, athletes in training days lost 50-60% more zinc than in the days of rest.

also known that heavy metal poisoning leads to dezincification.So, one of the occupational diseases of dentists who are dealing with substances that contain mercury, a zinc deficiency with all its consequences.

In addition, substances that reduce the uptake of zinc include oxalic acid (found in some vegetables, and spinach), tannins (coffee, tea), selenium, iron and calcium.But, fortunately, in our food, and contains such substances that help the body to absorb zinc.These include picolinic acid, vitamin B6, citrates and certain amino acids.

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