Vitamins and Depression

All of us in varying degrees, were ever exposed to adverse physical or emotional factors, in other words, under stress, which are often a trigger in the development of depression.

As shown depression?

When these typical symptoms such as depressed mood, guilt, feelings of helplessness, inability to concentrate or make a decision, a loss of interest in work, loss of appetite, headaches, sleep disturbance and decreased sexual desire, and so forth, come into conflict with your normalabilities and desires and lasts long enough, you need skilled care and treatment.

Some people experience depression in the winter when there is little sunlight.To alleviate this seasonal type of depression, you need to spend more time outside in the daylight hours of the day, especially on a sunny day, and take vitamins to help you quickly get out of this state.

example, vitamin B6 or pyridoxine is involved in the production of serotonin, t. E. A substance contained in the brain, improves mood.

Often depression is common in

people suffering from lack of folic acid.

deficiency of thiamine and riboflavin may also contribute to the formation of depressive syndromes.

So take a multivitamin is necessary.

But with minerals, vitamins, you do not always show.For example, the magnesium level is too high (which is often part of the vitamin and mineral supplements) may enhance depression.If magnesium levels you high, you should stop taking the drugs or foods high in its content.

should also remember that the symptoms of depression may occur if you consume large amounts of coffee, a diet high in fat and a lot of sugar.

contrast, vitamin intake can help to cope with the symptoms of the disease.Choose for yourself the quality multivitamin complex, which would contain all of these vitamins (B1; B2, folic acid, B6, C) in average daily doses.

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