19 August

Pain in the neck : hold a revision in the purse

Look at what is in your handbag?Rather, in its depths settled cell phone, cosmetic bag, organizer, an apple, a novel in paperback, a hair brush, a handful of small change.

Why sore neck

Probably, like most women, you believe that you should always be prepared for anything.That is why your bag gradually became more and more to resemble a trunk road, pulling a heavy load shoulder.But, most of all, for this reason, there are pains in the neck.

Many women have been victims of their time trying to fit in their bags as many useful things, including shopping for a husband and children.Of course, for such habits have to pay their own health.

When you are carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder and neck muscles on that side tighten and contract, causing pain.Belt from the bag compresses the blood vessels and nerves in the area.

Tips for beauty and health

Here are some tips on how to ease the burden and at the same time look stylish and fashionable.

1. Try to throw the bag strap over his head and let him di

agonally across the body, so that the severity of the bag is evenly distributed and not just lay on one shoulder.

2. Choose a bag with wide belts.Wide belts better distribute the severity of the bag, rather than thin straps.

3. Try wearing backpacks.They will help you to have both hands free, and distribute evenly severity.

4. Remove from the bag small change small coins.They really add much weight bag.Keep part of the little things in the car or on the desktop.

5. Leave the makeup at home or in the office.Berig with a minimum of cosmetics, for example, only lipstick: it is possible to touch up and her lips and cheeks.

6. Change the organizer, large electronic leave things in the car.

7. Buy a small bag.Seeing that your handbag rather petite, children and the husband does not dare to bother you with requests to take with them some of the books, clothes or toys.The rule is: going for a walk with the family or on a journey, let everyone on a bag or backpack.

8. Conduct an audit of papers and notebooks in his bag.Carry only those cards and documents, which are required to you constantly.Leave at home or in the office all the cards for discounts from stores, address and company phone numbers, and other service services.By the way, the loss of the bag you will have less reason to regret the loss.

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