12 August

Can you believe the advice at the pharmacy ?

Very often in pharmacies can hear the question addressed to the pharmacist: "What medicine can you advise?" And pharmacists provide such advice.But as this advice will be useful to the patient, and in general, whether the right of pharmacists to recommend a particular medicine?

course, pharmacy workers can express their opinion, but according to the law, a pharmacist pharmacist has the right to give advice only those that relate to drugs which are allowed to leave without a prescription.Moreover, the recipe must be completed by all the rules - with the stamp and the doctor's name.

But even before advising a drug authorized for free sale, the pharmacist is obliged to clarify the buyer harassing his symptoms, age, presence of other diseases, as well as what other medications he is taking.

In addition, the pharmacist is obliged to tell all about the preparation that you are interested in and what you need to know.These are the rules of reception and storage, features interoperability with other drugs, d

osage and possible side effects.

Pharmacy worker may offer you a cheaper counterpart, if the price of the drug you think is too high.But he is obliged to tell you what he proposed facility differs from that prescribed by your doctor.

also in the pharmacy you can offer another drug instead written out, in the absence of the necessary funds, just as having supplied a detailed explanation of its properties, differences and peculiarities.If you agree to buy the proposed replacement, pharmacy worker must indicate which means he waited in exchange drawn on the back of the prescription.

But overrule prescribed by a doctor means more to offer, the pharmacist has no right - he is not a doctor, who appoints one or the other drug, taking into account a lot of factors, including the patient's general condition, possible allergic reaction and the presence of other diseases.

The pharmacy can apply for emergency medical help if you can not get it anywhere else.The pharmacist has the right to treat the wound, to measure the pressure required to make an injection to help arrest the acute allergic reactions.

Of course, each person chooses how he treated and who to contact for help.But the pharmacy do not work, doctors and pharmacists, so they not only do not have to, but do not have the right to treat you.So do not be offended if the pharmacy worker insists that you need to go to the doctor or are interested in, for what purpose and for whom you are buying something or other means.

And always remember that an accurate diagnosis and adequate medical care you will only doctors, and self can lead to delays in disease, its transition to a chronic form.Yes, in some cases, lost time can lead to tragic consequences.

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