12 August

At the doctor

clear that the doctors walk nobody likes!And who enjoy sitting in the office, endless queues, and fear, and suddenly the doctor say something quite unpleasant ?!I want to be and feel healthy, but, unfortunately, does not always work, and a visit to the doctor becomes a necessity.That he did not become a nuisance, and brought real benefits, it is necessary to know some rules of visiting a doctor, then you will save energy and nerves and get real help.

not bother the doctor diagnose

Turning to the doctor, you do not need to tell him what you are sick.Influenza you, acute respiratory disease, or the aggravation of a stomach ulcer - the doctor will establish itself.And your business - to tell him about his health and to respond in detail to all the questions.It is possible that the doctor will prescribe additional studies, and then to establish an accurate diagnosis.We need to be patient and not try for the doctor to declare the disease and, moreover, appoint a treatment.

a doctor should not hesitate

one extreme - that's when the patient believes that he strongly knows all about the disease, detailed talks with the details you need and even more details about what did not ask, and teachesdoctor, how to treat it.At the other extreme - excessive shyness, when people come to the doctor for help, does not meet the truth about his health and the symptoms that you need to know to establish an accurate diagnosis.Especially women are embarrassed if a gynecologist - man.

First, since you asked for help, then no matter how insensitive you do not see a doctor questions, he asks them not to satisfy their own curiosity.Secondly, if you hesitate a doctor - a man, then make an appointment with a woman.But most importantly - no men and women behind the door with a sign "doctor" - there is only an expert who can help you.And all their shyness should be left outside the door.At the doctor's questions should be answered honestly and in detail, and inspection in the gynecological chair without the need for a doctor will not do.And if so, then drop the confusion and help the doctor to establish an accurate diagnosis - is, first of all, in your own interest!

Save your time and the doctor, and his own

happens that in a doctor's office, pouring a bunch of details, the patient forgets that he is at the reception, and that he is a doctor - is not the only one who needs help.Do not saturate the story about the symptoms in great detail and detail.It is important to tell the principal and clearly answer these questions.

If you are lost in a doctor's office, then prepare for the visit in advance - Write whatever you think is necessary to say.About the symptoms of the disease, about their feelings.Remember, any medications you are taking, as well as chronic diseases in your blood relatives.This will help you without taking up the time of the doctor, to present all your concerns in detail and clearly, without taking anybody too much time.

Who is to blame?

clear that health care shortcomings annoying, cause resentment and justified indignation.Only the doctor to whom you have asked for help, then there is nothing.And to begin his visit to the claims and accusations are unreasonable.If each patient will express their grievances directly to the reception, it will not add a good mood nor the doctor nor the patient.

Moreover, the existing problems, too, will not be solved, but cause irritation at the doctor and bring it to the point that he scolded you, it is very easy and simple, because the doctor - the same person, just like you.Therefore, focus on their health problems, and if you wish to comment on the service, go to a health facility managers.

not tighten access to a doctor!

all sides repeat: the faster in the case of indisposition consult a doctor, the better the chances for a full and speedy recovery.And, like, everyone understands this, but that's ill, do not rush to the doctor in the hope - "will pass by itself"!Well, if you will take, and if not?And precious time will be lost ...

Persistently avoiding doctors, not only can amass a chronic disease, but also missed a chance when it was possible to stop and to cure serious illnesses that constitute a serious risk to life.Therefore, do not diagnose yourself and do not choose their own course of treatment, or via the Internet - at the first symptoms go to the doctor!

Hospital - it's not scary!

If for some indications, or for a full examination, the doctor offers to go to the hospital, do not give up in horror!Nothing wrong with that, but some research or treatments can be successfully carried out only in a hospital.Yes, a nice little here, but also to suffer for the sake of their own health, too, it is not only possible, but necessary.And suddenly emerged a large amount of free time and allow you to read, finally, a good night's sleep!

himself Doctor himself?

said that there are two areas in which everyone feels a specialist - this pedagogy and medicine.And, oddly, in the choice of treatment or drugs, we tend to trust friends, acquaintances and even overheard information in line or in traffic.Well, if you did not immediately become a buy and take some "miracle" means that "just from this disease," as you have recovered the familiar friend of someone's cousin, and advise with your doctor first.

Many popular recipes with herbs and also promises relief, and aid in the treatment of various diseases.But it is not by accident each time before using one or the other people's prescription or a medicinal plant, it is suggested to consult a doctor.

Each person is different, and the same individual for his reaction to certain drugs.And every doctor, appointing a particular course of treatment takes into account many factors: the stage of the disease and the general condition of the patient to possible allergic reactions.Therefore, do not self-medicate and do not listen to all sorts of "helpful" advice from the moans are so fond of giving away all-knowing-wishers.Treatment - this is serious and should be treated right!

Alas, there are no miracles!

If you have been putting off for a long time visiting a doctor, practiced self, or simply do not pay attention to the ailment and the symptoms of the disease, it is not surprising that last doctor prescribed treatment getting on slowly.Miracle pills have not come up, and running sores always difficult to recover, so be patient and to comply strictly with all medical prescriptions.

And do not be tempted by the numerous offers of all kinds of charlatans that promise to cure any disease for a single visit, and laid out a round sum.Alas, miracles do not happen!And an appeal to, all sorts, healers and psychics only tightens your appeal to the doctors that it may be just a criminal with respect to their health.Yes, and the treatment may be too late ...

Remember, the most valuable thing we have - our health!Treat it responsibly and do not waste it in vain, take care and being treated well!

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