12 August

Chalazion upper eyelid : Causes, Treatment

upper eyelid chalazion - inflammation of the meibomian glands, caused by occlusion of its channels.Located on the outer perimeter of the cartilage of the eyelid, meibomian gland responsible for producing sebaceous secretion that forms on the surface of a thin film of the eye, thereby ensuring the proper hydration of the eyeball.

"chalazion upper eyelid in the early stages symptomatically resembles barley. In the absence of treatment may be associated with serious complications."

The causes of the disease

reasons presented below does not guarantee a wholly-owned development chalazion, but significantly increases the risk of developing the disease.

1. Low resistance to infections.

2. Failure to comply with the rules of hygiene.

3. Hormonal imbalances of the body as natural character (pregnancy, puberty) and pathological (endocrine diseases, diabetes).

4. gastrointestinal diseases (enterocolitis, dysbiosis, chronic form of gastritis).

5. Frequent recurrent disease age - blepharitis, barley, demod


6. Mechanical trauma eye contact lenses, false eyelashes and makeup of questionable quality.

7. Severe consequences of allergic conjunctivitis, hay fever.

Symptoms chalazion

meibomian gland function continuously.In the absence of a secret exit to the outside in the event of blockage of the output flow, it starts to build up inside - the size of a fat capsule may reach the size of a pea or even exceed it.

In most cases, there is a clearing flow naturally.But sometimes chalazion upper eyelid, which left untreated, may increase in size and complication accompanied by a formation of an abscess (intracavitary suppuration).

avoid possible complications it is necessary to seek medical help at an early stage of disease development.Its primary symptoms - redness and swelling of the century, itching and irritation in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtumors similar to barley.

A couple of days acute symptoms go away, leaving only a slight swelling of firmness and elasticity, unrelated to surrounding tissues and painless responsive to palpation.From inside the eyelid can be observed with a central portion hyperemia gray.

At an advanced stage of the disease, accompanied by an abscess, chalazion symptoms may be expressed by the following clinical manifestations :

1) tearing;

2) itching;

3) swelling of the mucous membrane;

4) increase in temperature;

5) painful when touched;

6) spontaneous pus.

Diagnosis and treatment

There are several ways to deal with the chalazion: classical approach, hormone injections, surgery.as a result of individual examination, the doctor chooses one of them, or appoint a complex treatment.

classical approach

With small size tumors are appointed by the bactericidal activity drops, ointments for laying under the eyelid, physiotherapy (warmth, UV radiation), self-massage (circular motion with your fingertip).

Hormonal injections

With the ineffectiveness of the classical scheme of treatment in capsule chalazion to inject steroids that promote the resorption of the tumor.

radical way

In serious cases resort to surgery.It is performed in a hospital under local anesthesia, lasting about half an hour.An incision is made to extract the capsule from the inside of the century.The final stage - overlaying the seam plus sterile dressing.Even such a simple operation has its own rehabilitation period - a few days can be kept swelling of the tissues of the eye and bruises.

bloodless alternative option - laser surgery.Its advantages - atraumatic, no recovery period and postoperative complications.The patient is discharged home immediately after surgery with a single recommendation - not to wet your eyes a few days.

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