12 August

Diagnosis of Language

Everyone knows that the language we need to chew, speak, and determine the flavor of the food.But it turns out, the language still reflects all the changes taking place in our body.

language projected on all the internal organs.Approximately 3 cm from the tip of the tongue is the point of the heart, the left side of language - the left lung, right side - the right lung.The root of the tongue - it's bowels.Place in tongue connected to the left side of the left kidney, right side, with the right kidney.On the right side between the projection of the kidney and right lung is the projection of the liver.

prevent disease much more effective and easier than cure.So often treat your tongue in the mirror.Even if you feel perfectly healthy, the tongue may indicate a weakened organs and systems.Diagnosis of language should be done in the morning on an empty stomach.

What language speak?

- healthy human tongue should be pink, clean and brilliant.

- If broken it is symmetric, it indicates the presence of a ner

ve disease.

- When examining the language of white, it is possible that a person has anemia.The yellow color indicates problems with bile or liver diseases.Bluish, bluish or purple color indicates defects in the heart and to the stagnation in the cardiovascular system.When kidney disease in the language will be visible dark spots.

- Plaque on the tongue - it is always the presence of any disease.If plaque is covered with the back part of the tongue, it means that the colon is clogged toxins.Lime at the root of bluish language says about blood diseases.Plaque on the middle part of the language indicates the failure of the spleen, pancreas or stomach, and on the front of the tongue - a problem with the respiratory system.

- No less important indicator is the violation of the language of the relief, the emergence of different grooves.It is often said about violation of vitamin metabolism.The line down the middle of the tongue indicates arousal and pathology of the spine.If this line is curved, it is deformed or curved spine itself.

- Constant dryness of language appears in dehydration due to intestinal infections, appendicitis, complicated course of ulcers and internal bleeding, as well as biliary dyskinesia, and gastritis.

- dry tongue, the base of which has been charged with gray bloom, point to ulcerative processes in the intestine.And if the tongue is covered with cracks and is constantly thirsty, then you need to go for a consultation with an endocrinologist.

- Tingling tip of the tongue occurs when the small intestine disease.

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