12 August

Red scaly patches : Causes

Red shelled spots may be due to a variety of diseases and malfunctions in the body.Most often

, they are scratched and do not give rest to the patient.But, even if such marks do not cause much discomfort, they still can not be ignored.First, let's understand the causes of the appearance of red scaly patches on the body.

allergies or illness?

small red scaly patches on the face or hands may indicate the presence of food allergic reactions.Usually they appear soon after a meal and go, if we exclude the allergen from the diet.Also, small skin rash may occur due to a new cosmetic product or hazardous household chemicals.Be careful when using a new tool!

Important: most striking manifestation of allergy is eczema.When it spots on the skin may be moist or dry.In any case, to touch them extremely unpleasant and even painful.Completely get rid of eczema is possible only with the help of an allergist and dermatologist.

Constant nervous stress can also result in a rough red spots on the body.Most often they appear on the feet or hands between the fingers, sometimes - on the face or neck.If in your life there are severe stress, which have already led to the appearance of the rash, it is advisable to start using safe herbal sedatives (valerian tincture, motherwort, etc..).

Sometimes red scaly patches can talk about other serious diseases :

1. Psoriasis manifests itself in the form of convex and rough red patches that flake and itch.Most often, they occur on the elbows and knees, after which, if untreated, spread throughout the body.

2. When vitiligo spots are not bright red, and pink or even white.They can be seen on any part of the body (arms, legs, abdomen or back).

3. One of the symptoms of scleroderma are red marks on the hands, which are accompanied by swelling of the skin and damage the small capillaries.

4. Round or oval red scaly patches on the body with precise contours can be a sign of pink lichen .They are usually very itchy.This disease is considered extremely contagious and requires special treatment in complete isolation of the patient.

5. When red systemic lupus may appear spots on the face in the form of a butterfly.It may also turn red neck or your skin.

6. Another possible cause of red spots - it infectious diseases , of which there are more than a hundred.The most famous and common among them is the chicken pox, scarlet fever, rubella, measles, and others.This red scaly patches on the head or body - this is just one symptom of the disease.Be especially careful if the rash is accompanied by cough, fever or severe pain in the throat.

Any red spots on the body - it is an occasion to see a doctor. independently is very difficult to find out the cause: sometimes it takes a number of analyzes and tests.An experienced doctor quickly distinguish the symptoms of certain diseases and prescribe appropriate treatment.

methods of treatment

If the reason for the appearance of red scaly patches on the body has become a food allergy, you should not only review the eating habits, but to start taking appropriate antihistamine prescribed by the doctor.Furthermore, sometimes it requires treatment with an external specific ointment or cream.

Infectious diseases that are accompanied by red spots on the body, and are treated under medical supervision.Usually the rash itself does not require special attention: it passes as soon as possible to cope with the disease.

"Even the traditional lubrication spots zelenkoj many doctors consider it unnecessary and useless occupation."

Remember, a universal means of treatment of scaly red patches on the body is not too much they may have reasons. Your main task - with the appearance of scars on the body of any trust to good medical facilities.

Be healthy!

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