12 August

What is kinesiology ?

Kinesiology - is the study of muscles and their movements carried out, but if we talk about the psychological aspect, this concept is much broader - the science of the movement of our feelings, thoughts and muscles.

Revealer kinesiology became D.Gudhard, he was the first, in 1960 spoke of the possibility of effects on muscle for therapeutic purposes.D.Gudhard developed his method of diagnosis - muscle testing.But first I put this idea into practice D.Tay.

Until recently, there was applied kinesiology, which is mainly engaged in the correction of the spine, joints, muscles and bones of the skull.Discoverer of psychological and emotional kinesiology began D.Uaytsayd, T.Stoks and K.Kellvey.

The fact is that if any stress blocks the body's life-support system, he stops fighting, and begins to resist all the good that would have done for himself a man, while in the normal state.Naturally, such a person is very difficult to treat.Here then helps psycho-emotional kinesiology, which practically frees the b

ody from the negative emotional "vibrations."Diagnosis is made bezapparatnym and non-invasive method, work is being done, both at the subconscious level, and at the level of consciousness.

Now try, as much as possible to talk intelligibly about this science.Our body is self-regulating and self-develops.The body knows all the causes of certain diseases and informs us about them, but we do not understand what it wants to tell us.We immediately begin to take medicine or go to the doctor.And here it begins the search for the patient's body and a drug that will cure him.

If one drug does not work, another will be scheduled.If this did not help the doctor, we go to the next.Finally, diagnosis is made and treatment method is found.But all this leads to delays in the disease process.And do not forget that one person makes the drug, while others do not because each person is different.

But it turns out, the body is hidden inside our "inner doctor", but we just do not notice it.We just, and the "doctor" immediately begins to work.It relaxes the muscles, increases the temperature, activates the immune system.Man is weakening and is forced to go to bed in order to maintain their strength.Even the tastes of it at the time of disease vary.It can be a lot of drinking, eating sour fruits that contain vitamin C, ie,body requires what he lacks.In other words, the body's self-regulation system is activated.What is this system?

body gets information from receptors located in different systems of the human brain processes this information and sends a signal to the appropriate human response.Here, for example, you cut your finger, bleeds profusely, ieorganism itself strengthened bleeding, drawing your attention to the wound, he determines your actions.You treat the wound and bintuete finger bleeding stops soon.

This mechanism is not easy, and if it is something out of order, our "inner doctor" begins to make mistakes, but the mechanism is transformed into our destroyer, iein this case, there are a variety of diseases.But the body can tell itself that it needs to heal

kinesiology learned to understand the language of our muscles.A doctor examines a kinesiologist our body using manual muscle test, ie,he stretches the muscle contraction and analyzes, which will give the same answer to his actions the human nervous system.

If all goes well, the strength of muscle contraction is expected to increase.If this does not happen, then the body has failed.In our body muscles and kinesiologist 80 checks each of them, and then restores them to the correct response, ie,it should be generalist physician, physician - wagon.

With kinesiology can cure back pain, headaches, low back pain, infertility, and even restore memory.Kinesiology can tell you when and what caused your illness.

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