12 August

Antibiotics : how to make the correct and contraindications for receiving

course, seriously ill, we are in trouble for their health, we hasten to the doctor listened to him carefully and even buy in the pharmacy recommended medication.But then everyone has supplied depending on your submission as necessary to be treated - or performs a doctor's prescription, or making their own adjustments to the prescribed treatment.

In other cases, when their ailments we consider harmless, go to the clinic do not want to for various reasons, the treatment we choose our own.And, to quickly recover themselves "assign" a course of antibiotics.

stems from the mass of information available - on the Internet, in books, magazines, directories.It seems that even the village flipped Small circulation a newspaper, we easily find recommendations for all occasions and all diseases, description of a variety of medications and treatments.Having read this information, many are beginning to think that they themselves are able to cope with the disease, and not worse than doctors.However, when reading all

this, no one notices that all councils should be mandatory recommendation often allocated a special font: «Do not self-medicate!Choosing one or the other means, be sure to check with your doctor! »

Yes, self-dangerous!And the fact that you can choose the treatment and drugs that not only cure, but also bring harm to health.Alternatively, relying on someone else's advice, you can stretch the time, and the disease will take a chronic form, or go into a serious stage.

especially dangerous mindless fascination with antibiotics as a panacea for all ills.It is necessary to firmly remember that when taking antibiotics initiative committed unacceptable!

doctor appointed

antibiotics By the way, in the appointment of antibiotics, the doctor will take into account a number of factors?And the condition of the patient and his age, and tolerance to drugs, and a combination of prescription drugs.And if he chose a particular treatment, it should be strictly adhered to.

But it often happens that people, having assigned a course of treatment for a few days and feeling better, stop drinking the recommended medication.They believe that by doing so reduce the side effects of prescribed medications.So you can not do!Upon the termination of medication, the disease can be resumed, and, in more severe.Moreover, these same antibiotics that you started treatment, will not help in this case, since the microbes after the first "collision" with acquired drug resistance thereto.

When you can not take antibiotics or be careful to do it?

In some cases, taking antibiotics is extremely undesirable or should do it very carefully.

• Antimicrobial drugs, especially the new generation, have a negative impact on fetal development, so take them to pregnant women is not recommended.This is especially dangerous in the first half of pregnancy up to the seventh week, when the fetus is still virtually protected from the effects of drugs.

• It should refrain from taking antibiotics while breastfeeding to drugs not included in the body of a child with his mother's milk.

• Very carefully need to appoint and take antibiotics for children, as opposed to adults, the child has not yet fully formed microflora and antimicrobials change biochemical reactions, metabolism, and inhibit the native flora.

• Caution should be taken antibiotics for those who suffer from chronic kidney disease and liver.If necessary, antibiotics such disorders are usually given only to products from the group of penicillins and cephalosporins.And when all the rules of such treatment of medication to avoid adverse effects particularly important to observe.

basic rules of admission

antibiotics • In no case can not be said to change the dose, and the rules of admission of prescribed drugs.

• When side effects while taking antibiotics should immediately consult a doctor.

• It is impossible to independently combine antibiotics with other drugs, except those that have been prescribed by a doctor.

• After 2-3 days after the end of treatment with antibiotics is necessary to start taking a probiotic product with live bacteria to restore intestinal flora and prevent the development of dysbiosis.

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