12 August

Can I stop snoring ?

When the house is the "snorer", life can turn into a nightmare!Of course, single snore do not deliver much inconvenience - all of us from time to time snoring.But if constant snoring, but still loud enough sleep is problematic.What to do?

Firstly, snoring a person must realize that snoring - not just its distinctive feature, but a major problem that prevents someone you know people.And, secondly, it is necessary to find out the causes of snoring, which you need to see a doctor, a sleep - professionals involved in sleep disorders.

After examination and determine the cause of snoring will be given treatment.This procedure can be fizioterpavticheskie, medication, or in some cases even surgical intervention.

But the situation can be much easier when snoring can be eliminated by replacing the pillow, losing weight by several kilograms, or using special intraoral appliances that are sold in pharmacies.

can use for the treatment of snoring folk recipes or do special exercises.

Gymnastics snoring

purpose of gymnastics snoring - strengthening the muscles of the pharynx.Doing exercises regularly, morning and evening, repeating each exercise at least 30 times.If you are not too lazy to prodelyvat proposed exercise for 4-5 weeks, then get rid of snoring.

1 exercise

Follow the movements of the tongue back and forth 30 times.During the exercise, you should feel the tension of the muscles at the base of the language.

2 exercise

Please follow the movement back and forth the lower jaw, and then take in the teeth of some object, squeeze it tightly and hold in this position for five minutes.

3 exercise

firmly say the letter "I".Repeat the exercise 30 times.

Folk remedies for snoring

• one glass of fresh cabbage juice, add one teaspoon of honey, stir and drink before bedtime.Duration of treatment - 1 month.

• Bury in each nostril for a few drops of sea buckthorn oil.Perform this procedure should be 4 hours before bedtime for 2-3 weeks.After such treatment breathing becomes free.

• one tablespoon of calendula flowers and oak bark pour half a liter of boiling water and leave for two o'clock under the hood.Then infusion of strain and gargle after meals and at bedtime.

• If the cause of snoring in constant nasal congestion, it will be useful to wash it "sea" water.For its preparation to dissolve 1 teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of warm water.

• When snoring is useful gargling with olive oil.

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