12 August

Pneumothorax : Causes, Symptoms , Treatment

Health - is the most valuable thing in everyone of us, and we all try, as carefully as possible to take care of him, to keep your body in good shape for years to come.But, unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to deal with a variety of diseases caused by external or internal factors.

One of the major organs, life support, it's light, thanks to which our body is saturated with oxygen.The lungs also may suffer from various diseases, one of which is pneumothorax.

What is pneumothorax

This disease, as pneumothorax, characterized by the accumulation of air in the pleural cavity located between the lungs and chest wall.This slit space between the outer layer of the pleura lining the chest and inner covering direct light, filled with air, which should be in the lung.

In the normal state, the pressure in the pleural cavity is several times lower than in the lungs.When pneumothorax it becomes higher than in the lung, and it partially and sometimes completely collapses, leading to severe shortness of brea

th and pain in the chest.

The greatest danger is that the tissue surrounding the pleural area, begin to work as a one-way valve that allows air to enter the pleural cavity, but does not release it from there.As a result, pressure is exerted not only easy, but also to adjacent organs, including the heart, which are pushed to the side in the increased amount of light.

symptoms of pneumothorax

To define pneumothorax at an early stage and to take timely measures, it is necessary to know the basic symptoms of the disease.They vary depending on how much air enters the pleural cavity, and what part of the lung slept under its influence.

At the initial stage of pneumothorax manifests as shortness of breath and a small batch, slightly noticeable chest pain.In the more severe form of pneumothorax is characterized by severe respiratory failure and symptoms that resemble heart failure.Most often it is a sharp pain in the chest, severe shortness of breath and a dry cough.If you do not take appropriate measures to eliminate the disease, the pain can spread and move the shoulder, neck and abdomen.

If the pleural cavity gets a large amount of air, there is a protrusion and limited mobility of the chest, where there was disruption.This leads to delays when her breathing and irregular heartbeat.Sometimes the affected side of the chest formed subcutaneous emphysema, which can spread to other organs and the next part of the body.

reasons pneumothorax

can distinguish two main groups of causes of pneumothorax: is mechanical damage of the chest and lung disease and chest cavity.Let us consider each of them.

Among mechanical damage can be attributed closed chest injuries, which are accompanied by lung damage caused by exposure to his ribs, open chest injuries such as penetrating injury in the lung.Bring to a pneumothorax can and therapeutic manipulation, during which the lung tissue were used.This happens when you install the subclavian catheter, intercostal nerve blocks, and puncture of the pleural cavity.

With regard to diseases that can lead to pneumothorax, it is non-specific nature of the disease, such as emphysema, lung abscess breakthrough in the pleural cavity or spontaneous rupture of the esophagus.If cooking on diseases specific character, these include TB.

Treatment of pneumothorax pneumothorax

in the form of light, as a rule, is not treated as a liquid from the pleural cavity resolves within a few days.This is not observed serious respiratory disorders.If pneumothorax is pronounced, the liquid is removed by means of chest tube.If air continues to flow into the pleural cavity, the tube is connected to a pumping device.operation is required in the most difficult cases.

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