12 August

Gastric ulcer : gastric ulcer symptoms , causes, treatment

Spring - a time of acute gastric ulcer.Especially take care of your stomach should be those who occupy positions of responsibility and a lot of time on the nervous work.

Almost 10% of the world population suffer from gastric ulcer.In Russia registered a gastroenterologist is more than the 1.5 million lady's finger, and how many are sick, but do not go to the doctor, we can only guess.

Portrait typical ulcer - a man or a woman in the prime of life, living in the city, occupying an important post.Usually the disease is detected before the age of 40 years.

Causes and gastric ulcer symptoms

According to experts, the cause of stomach ulcers is bacterium Helicobacter , who lives in the mucous membrane of the stomach in about 70% of Russians.However, the problem is not the presence of bacteria in the body, and we create the conditions for its reproduction.

stress, alcohol, smoking, dietary supplements and drugs can trigger the appearance of ulcers.And also: irregular meals, snacking on the go, eating re

fined oils, hormones contained in animal foods.

Doctors called stomach ulcer one of the most insidious.The fact that the gastric ulcer can be symptomless, and may be complicated by sudden bleeding.If you have pain localized in the upper abdomen, may be to blame for it is a stomach ulcer.Pain in the upper abdomen usually occurs, so to speak, on an empty stomach and disappears after a meal.

Nutrition and lifestyle in gastric

observe a strict diet Gastric ulcer. Exclude from the diet of spicy food, spicy food, tea, coffee, chocolate, fatty foods, carbonated beverages, alcohol.Eating should be frequent, and little by little in the form of heat, so that it does not cause irritation of the stomach and intestines. Useful white rice, cereals, dairy products.

popular among the people means - water and soda - only temporarily relieves the pain.Soda is a weak alkaline and neutralizes ( "quenches") gastric acid, gastric juice ceases to irritate the wound, the pain subsides briefly.The treatment for this is not.

From folk remedies can be advised to eat more cranberry .Cranberry juice on the antibacterial effect is not inferior to antibiotics.Two glasses of cranberry juice a day will protect you from spread of peptic ulcer disease.It is especially useful for the female body.

also well-heal wounds in the stomach and restores the mucous membrane of the juice of fresh cabbage carrot juice, honey, aloe juice, sea buckthorn oil.

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