The smell of acetone breath .Causes

acetone Halitosis - is an important sign that the violations are in the body.It can appear in adults and in children.For the final disposal of it is necessary to identify the cause of violations.

reasons smell of acetone breath

If you hear an unpleasant smell of acetone breath, it means the presence of the disease.And such a "flavor" is typical for multiple ailments.

1. Its appearance can broadcast the presence of diabetes mellitus;

2. Improper nutrition and digestive problems he can also appear;

3. Have problems with the thyroid gland;

4. The smell of acetone can indicate poor performance of the liver;

5. Also, kidney disease may be accompanied by bad breath;

6. The presence of infection in the body.

Let us consider each of the factors.

Unpleasant smell in diabetes

This disease is characterized by the fact that accumulated a lot of glucose, cells intended for the power in the blood.However, it is very cells needed to generate energy, so they are, as a result of hunger, begin to break dow

n for their needs fats and proteins.

All these processes will inevitably lead to the fact that the body begins to produce acetone.It ketone bodies in large proportions cause the body to exude a scent.

smell of acetone in violation of diet

If a person for a long time fed properly (for example, fatty foods), the body can not cope with the huge masses of food, and it does not settle to the end of the splitting of proteins and fats.And it appears acetone as an intermediate product in the decay of these substances.Chronic use of large amounts of such foods increases acetone.

By the way, if you abuse carbohydrate-free diets, it is possible the exact effect.

Improper functioning of thyroid

If the human body is an increase in thyroid hormones that contribute to the breakdown of protein and fat, that may cause the smell.This disease is called hyperthyroidism.When it comes uncontrolled breakdown of proteins and fats, then there is more than necessary to ketone bodies.

Deviations liver and kidney

If there are some difficulties in the liver, then there is a clear violation of metabolism.This is due to the fact that the body produces a large number of enzymes that are necessary to overwork and learning materials.If such work is disrupted, it may encourage an increase in ketone bodies.

When kidney diseases acetone smell may indicate nephrosis, as well as kidney degeneration.

acetone Halitosis in children

The child has a smell - it is rather alarming symptom.May be associated with dysfunction of the pancreas, or disorders in the diet may also over-stress.

smell of acetone can accompany the disruption of the gastrointestinal tract of the child (worms, bacteria overgrowth, and others.).

It should also take into account the beginning of the pathological disorders, namely, diabetes, disorders of the liver, the thyroid gland, the presence of infection or atsetonemicheskogo syndrome.In any case it will be reasonable to go to the doctor for advice.

disguise halitosis

Remember that acetone odor just will not go away, it will be possible after the treatment the reasons that caused it.However, there are some ways that will allow time to remove the smell.This is to drink plenty of mineral water, fruit drinks - cranberry and cranberry, teas and juices.

Consequently, the smell of acetone breath, the causes of which may be different, we must not mask and reveal the violation, which contributes to its emergence.

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