Preventing colds in the spring season

It's no secret that in the spring of our body especially weak and is easy prey for a variety of viral diseases, lying in wait at every turn.An additional cause of the common cold is the volatility of weather and sudden changes in temperature.

Feeling spring warmth during the day, we can significantly supercooled in the evening, do not pick up the appropriate clothing.In addition, vitamin deficiencies and sun increases the risk of colds.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to carry out prevention of colds and start treatment immediately as soon as you feel the signs of the disease, not letting things take their course and avoid the development of complications.

Preventing colds

Health - an important factor for the prevention of colds

Personal hygiene should always be at the highest level, but particular attention should be paid to her in the spring.Be sure to wash your hands, returning home and before eating.If you are in a public place, and wash your hands is not possible to use the

wet wipes.

regularly ventilate the room in which there is, but do not allow at the same time the formation of drafts.Hold wet cleaning in the house, removing the dust and various bacteria, which can infect a weakened body.Do not forget about water treatments, one of which must be a douche, which helps strengthen the immune system and protect against colds.

Nutrition for prevention of colds

As mentioned earlier, our body is experiencing an acute shortage of nutrient reserves are virtually exhausted for the long winter.That is why it is so important in the spring to include in your daily diet as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, as well as to replace the fast food and half-finished products for a healthy and wholesome food, cooked by steaming or in the oven.

strengthen the protective functions of the body will help to yoghurts and other dairy products are rich in beneficial bacteria.Remember the body's need for fluid, the lack of which leads to a decrease in immunity.Constantly drink mineral water without gas, as well as herbal teas and infusions.

Sport as a cold prevention

best way to strengthen your body - is regular exercise that will keep it in good shape and provide forces to fight off colds and infections.Spring, the fresh air will be a great addition to a morning jog.

If you are at home or in the gym, make sure that the room thoroughly ventilated and regularly filled with oxygen, increases endurance and activity.

Treatment of colds folk remedies

Despite the abundance of all kinds of drugs that help to get rid of the symptoms of colds, the best method to deal with the disease and have been traditional methods, among which, for sure, there will most effective for you.

Start with the fact that is regularly updated in the body reserves of nutrients and vitamins in the diet include onions, garlic and lemons.These three products have long been considered the most effective means for the treatment and prevention of colds.

also very effective in the fight against colds are herbal teas and infusions.If you encounter a virus, immediately begin treatment, brew tea of ​​mint, oregano, chamomile and meadowsweet.All of these herbs can be found in the pharmacy.Mix a teaspoon each of them, fill with boiling water the grass and leave for 30 minutes.After this, the infusion must be strain and drink throughout the day.

Very well proven inhalation, which will not only strengthen the body but also help to cope with a runny nose and a cough, it is part of the satellites colds.For inhalation as used herbal teas, which can be diluted in water to replace the essential oils.Particularly effective for colds are eucalyptus, fir, tea tree, lavender and thyme.

Remember that any disease, including the common cold, it is easier to prevent than to cure, so the time to take preventive measures and carefully watch your health.

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