Artificial menopause

Artificial menopause - what is it?In medicine, the so called termination of the ovaries work, caused by the use of medicines, when not produced by the natural female hormones.During this period comes the temporary cessation of ovarian function, stop menstruation.

Artificial menopause administered together events in the treatment of gynecological pathologies in the background, including infertility.Natural artificial menopause is characterized by that the second has a therapeutic effect, and can be conducted in the reproductive age.

artificial menopause process is reversible, which means that after the abolition of reception of medicines, in the ovaries of going through a recovery function and the menstrual cycle.The treatment period lasts for about six months.

Artificial menopause: indications for

artificial menopause treatment method is possible with such gynecological diseases as:

  • endometriosis;
  • several types of uterine bleeding;
  • uterine fibroids;
  • malignant tumors of the female reproduc
    tive system;
  • various gynecological pathology, depending on hormonal levels.

view of the fact that the pathology occurs due to a failure in the functioning of the hormonal system of the woman, it is very often the success of the treatment is achieved the need for termination of the ovaries as the body responsible for the production of female hormones.Not so long ago in the practice was popular removal of the ovaries surgically, because of what occurred infertility and significantly accelerated the onset of natural menopause.

Who to call artificial menopause use special drugs that suppress ovarian function.At the end of treatment drugs overturned, and almost always there is a restoration of ovarian function, not even rule out the possibility of pregnancy.Very often the method of artificial menopause spend complex treatment of infertility in women.

Artificial menopause: types

In gynecology artificial menopause is divided into three types:

Surgical - the most radical method of termination of ovarian function by their removal.Such operation is prescribed for ovarian cancer, uterus, mammary glands.

radiological (radiation) - provocation artificial menopause occurs through X-ray irradiation of ovaries.Using this method, ovarian function is restored, but sometimes not in full.

Medical (drug) - the most "gentle" method, as there is a complete recovery of ovarian function.Implemented by the introduction of special preparations (artificial hormone analogues).

All drugs used to call an artificial menopause, are varieties of hormones: lyukrin depot, Diferelin, Zoladex and others.Help

body with artificial menopause

during artificial menopause symptoms are almost the same as the first signs of the natural menopause.There has been increased sweating, the occurrence of fever, irritability, dryness of mucous membranes.

To facilitate the state must adhere to simple rules:

1. Normalize diet, adding a little more fruit and vegetables, seafood and cereals, but exclude fried, smoked, spicy, and the frequent use of coffee, alcohol, smoking;

2. Various drinks be replaced by clean water;

3. Pay special attention to the regime of physical activity;

4. Good rest;

5. Do not overheat, do not take hot baths and avoid thermal procedures;

6. When the tides come to help cool compresses and drink, moist air in the room;

7. To cheer up and forget about irritability, doctors recommend taking sedatives or herbal teas.

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