Spring Fever gastrointestinal disease : acute causes, prevention , treatment

With the advent of spring all around revives and blooms, but unfortunately, it was during this period - a time when waking up not only nature, but also the gastro-intestinal diseases.Excellent spring mood may darken the exacerbation of chronic diseases, which cause discomfort and reduce overall health.

To avoid this, you need to know the main causes of these diseases, as well as to take appropriate measures for their prevention and treatment.

Causes of acute gastrointestinal diseases

One of the main causes of acute intestinal diseases is a sharp change in weather conditions and related changes in the body.Climatic impermanence leads to stress, the fight against them, our body spends a lot of energy, which could go to the recovery of the internal organs.

Do not forget about the spring vitamin deficiency resulting from a lack of useful and nutrients depleted during the winter period and require speedy replenishment.

significant effect on health and has a lack of sunlight, which is the main source of

vitamin D, responsible for the course of metabolic processes and strengthen the immune system.

should also be taken into account and reduced physical activity, which is associated with a decrease in load on the body and the cold season.

Nutrition and diet in the gastro-intestinal diseases

Among the best ways to avoid aggravation of gastrointestinal diseases include adherence to a particular diet, which helps to normalize bowel function and prevent the development of diseases.

diet during the diet should include only healthy and wholesome food that will not irritate the gastrointestinal tract.Dishes recommended steamed, avoiding fried and greasy food too.As for dairy products, it is better to abandon it too acidic species.

In acute ulcer disease is recommended to grind the cooked food in the mash, bringing it to a liquid or mushy consistency.Particular emphasis needs to be done for fresh fruit and vegetables, paying more attention to the roots, which in the spring retain a lot of vitamins.From

garnishes be preferred porridges prepared as water and milk.In the spring, as in the rest of the time, for gastric diseases need to completely abandon the spicy food, all kinds of sauces and mayonnaise, have a negative impact on the state of the intestine, as well as from too savory.Pay attention to the temperature of your food intake.It should not be too cold or hot.

Traditional methods of prevention of gastrointestinal diseases

advantage of the popular methods that they have practically no negative impact on the work of the body and have no side effects, unlike pharmaceutical agents.The best result will bring prevention in combination with a healthy lifestyle, so, at least at the time of treatment should abandon the use of alcohol and smoking, which slow down the process and contribute to the progression of the disease.

best way to gastrointestinal disease prevention are herbal infusions and decoctions, which are prepared at home and bring good, and most importantly, faster results.

Folk remedies during exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases

cope with the aggravation of peptic ulcer disease will help remedy of propolis powder, rosehip and sea buckthorn oil.Mix two cups of propolis with a mixture of the infusion of rose hips and sea buckthorn, and then boil it on low heat, cool, strain and drink means a teaspoon before meals for two months.

From manifestations of gastritis deliver fresh potato and carrot juice, which has anti-inflammatory effect and regulates acidity of gastric juice.

With increased flatulence will help herbal tea of ​​chamomile, peppermint and ginger.Crush and mix all ingredients, cover with boiling water and leave for 10 minutes, then strain and drink tea before a meal ready.

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