Lymph nodes in the neck : inflammation, causes, treatment

swollen lymph nodes in the neck - it is not an independent pathology and secondary disease, is a symptom of a disease.As a rule, through an increase in the lymph nodes appear infectious diseases.

"Lymph nodes - a peripheral organs that act as a natural filter, a barrier to getting an infection in the body and form the human immune system."

Lymph nodes are a natural barrier to infection and serve as a kind of filter that provides immunity.When humans get viruses and other pathogenic flora, they shock lymph move into a kind of "quarantine", which is located in the lymph nodes.Those delays disease pathogens and begin their destruction.But if a person's immune system is very weak, and the body by this attack too many bacteria and viruses, the lymph nodes are no longer cope with the task.There inflammation which leads to an increase, pain in the neck and head.

Causes cervical lymphadenitis

Usually, the cause of inflammation of the lymph nodes become the attack of viruses and bacteria in our body, which

suppresses the human immune system.For pain reasons include:

1. The presence in the body of an infectious disease outbreak.Most often, they are concentrated in the upper airways.Such diseases include all of the common cold, flu, sore throat, diphtheria, chicken pox, rubella.Severe consequences can give as inflammation in the oral cavity.It can be stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis.

2. Mechanical damage to the lymph nodes.Because of the injury, which led to the violation of the integrity of the cervical node tissue can develop a tumor, swelling and other painful phenomena.

3. Benign or malignant tumor, which managed to damage the cells of the lymphatic tissue.In this case, the damaged area is becoming a hotbed of inflammation.

4. Stress, overexertion, seasonal deficiency diseases, and all that is associated with a decrease in immunity.So, sickly children, for example, can be seen chronically enlarged glands (submandibular glands), which are in such a state of constant low-level resistance to infections.Start the inflammatory process can anemia, infection is transmitted to humans, hypothermia.

5. Also, lymph nodes increase with immunodeficiency.This refers to HIV infection or AIDS disease is actively proceeding.

The risk cervical lymphadenitis disease enter the following groups of people:

  • People with metabolic disorders (because of it does not transport the lymph through the body and the infection does not isolate the disease site);
  • with thyroid disease;
  • with connective tissue disorders, since one of them is the lymphatic tissue;
  • Having allergies;
  • chronic alcoholism.

How to identify swollen lymph nodes?

Typically, cervical lymphadenitis accompanied by the following symptoms :

  • visually recognizable lymph node enlargement, looks like a small swelling or edema.
  • Tenderness to palpation, difficulty swallowing.
  • Headache, fever.
  • presence of general malaise.

Because often the cause of the inflammation becomes an infectious disease, there is also the characteristic for each individual disease symptoms.If any signs of infection not, then most likely the case in the general state of immunity.To avoid inflammation of the doctors appointed by the complexes of vitamins and other measures to improve the protective properties of the organism.

If swelling with all the above symptoms persist after treatment measures, the question is, most likely, the presence of chronic infectious disease marker of which are enlarged lymph nodes.But if the seal on the neck does not pass, but it is painless, it does not interfere with swallowing and almost do not care will need access to a doctor.After analyzes and diagnosis it can confirm or rule out a malignant tumor.

Treatment and prevention of cervical lymphadenitis

first thing that begins to fight inflammation - a diagnosis of the reasons due to which the increased lymph nodes in the neck.Treatment usually requires no special measures.Doctors prescribe common tools and procedures that strengthen the immune system, and the main force sent to fight an infectious disease caused by inflammation.

From pharmacological agents most commonly prescribed and medron deltason, as well as tailor-made vitamin complexes.Because physiotherapy is most effective UHF-therapy.However, this does not mean that any warming is useful - use of independent heaters, warming packs, and other resources could lead to a breakthrough and assembly of infection in the brain.

If the cause of the inflammation has served as a bacterial infection, antibiotics are also prescribed.

But in order to take care of your body, not necessarily wait until the increase lymph nodes in the neck.Prevention of inflammation should be carried out independently of or predisposition to certain diseases.As preventive measures are advised to take vitamins, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, to practice a healthy lifestyle.In the autumn-winter season it is recommended to use tincture of Echinacea purpurea and Eleutherococcus , adding a few drops to drink.

Remember, enlarged lymph nodes - this is more a symptom than a disease, and therefore does not pull the visit to the doctor and tests.

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