Ammonia Breath

People try to keep a distance when speaking with you, and personal life does not want in any way to be adjusted?Strict diet, chiselled figure, a stunning make-up and the opposite sex tries to keep on the sidelines.Perhaps the reason for this situation is simple - ammonia smell from the mouth.And his appearance is preceded by a number of reasons.

reasons halitosis


reason ammonia odor from the mouth in this case - the rare meals and not enough fluid for normal kidney and natural excretion of degradation products through the urinary system.To resolve this cause, to establish a complete balanced diet is enough.

Protein diet Protein

carbohydrate-free diet is also often the cause of the smell of ammonia from the mouth.The monotonous protein diet causes the liver and kidneys to work in a mode of high load.Ammonia in excess just do not have time to be output from the body naturally, and as a consequence, there is a sharp ketone breath.

rapid breakdown of fats also causes increased production

of ketone bodies, which poison the body from the inside.Therefore, among the doctors so few adherents and defenders of extreme diets.The only advice - is to consume plenty of fluids (at least two liters) and consume protein products within reasonable limits.

Diabetes can cause odor

Excess glucose in the blood, which is characteristic for patients with diabetes, excreted in the urine.Frequent urination, constant thirst - it's symptoms suggestive of dehydration.It is the cause of increased content of ketone bodies in the blood and is accompanied by a characteristic odor from the mouth.

also sharp ammonia smell from the mouth may indicate impending hypoglycemic coma.Besides the smell is getting worse and overall health - increased heart rate, pale skin, sharp pains in the abdomen require emergency treatment.

kidney disease and bad breath

main task of the kidneys - is the withdrawal of products from the body decay.The emergence of the ammonia smell from the mouth may indicate the kidney unimportant.And this can be a number of good reasons - kidney degeneration, and pathology of the renal tubules.

alarm bells kidney poor performance are also associated symptoms - swelling, pain in the lumbar region, jumps in blood pressure.

reception of various drugs

Some medications, vitamins, stimulating additives that contribute to a large loss of fluid or contain in their composition of amino acids, saturated with nitrogen.This, too, as one of the causes ammonia odor from the mouth.

Methods ammonia odor from the mouth

you noticed subtle changes in regards to your colleagues and friends, and your young man in plain text began to talk about your bad breath?This is not a reason for children's offenses, and a call to action to eliminate the noxious fumes.

reasons that you can correct yourself

ammonia odor from the mouth, which was caused by fasting or diet, can be easily remedied.For this only need to find other ways to keep your graceful forms.Aerobic load a worthy alternative to harmful way to lose weight.

Reason for immediate treatment to the doctor

If you have been returned to normal life after a hunger strike, and the unpleasant smell continues to accompany you through life, and plus everything you can not boast of an excellent state of health, it is a chance rather run to the doctor.Commissioning tests for urea, sugar - these are the first steps to identify the real causes of problems in the body.

be concluded from the above can be only one - whatever was called foul smell from the mouth, eliminate the need to first and foremost reason for its occurrence.

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