Diseases Rectal Cancer: Symptoms

diseases of the rectum - it is rather unpleasant and sensitive issue, which is discussed very, very unpleasant.However, you can not ignore the problem.Firstly, pulling the campaign to the doctor, and delayed diagnosis can lead to dangerous complications.And secondly, these diseases can not only disrupt your normal lifestyle, but also turn it into a hell, because every visit to the toilet will become a terrible torment.If just begun a course of treatment in most cases gives excellent chances for a full recovery, the self can lead to tragic consequences: general surgery or cancer where there is no exit.This dangerous disease and the rectum, symptoms to be aware of that at the first sign seek qualified help.

Diseases rectum proctology

Some diseases can be asymptomatic for a long time, or rather only occasionally be felt, that is doubly dangerous.Due to the nature of functionality and location in the body of the rectum is very vulnerable, and therefore susceptible to various diseases.Unbalanced diet, alc

ohol, unhealthy lifestyle, failure to comply with hygiene - all increase the risk of disease, and the symptoms may either coincide or differ materially.

try to understand what is today the rectum disease isolated modern-proctology, doctors, and some symptoms may indicate their origin.

anal fissure

Occurs in 10% of cases.For cracked or microtrauma is characterized by such symptoms:

  • strong, sharp pain during a bowel movement;
  • small bleeding after emptying;
  • faint streaks of blood in the stool;
  • diarrhea (7%) or constipation (25%).

If the disease run, it becomes chronic.

Paraproctitis - symptoms

purulent inflammation of the surrounding tissue rectum or anal glands, which are located in the anal sinuses.

For abscess is characterized by such symptoms:

  • throbbing, sharp constant pain in the anus area;
  • formation compaction or in the crotch, or directly into the anal canal;
  • discharge of blood or pus;
  • constipation or diarrhea;
  • discomfort in the anal area;
  • inflammation of the perineum;
  • fever.

Chronic abscess

This disease is also called fistula rectum, because along with inflammation in the rectum formed a fistula (an opening in the skin in the perineum).This complicated form abscess, not cured in time, and therefore periodically giving itself felt through the same symptoms, as in the simple paraproctitis, plus a selection of fistula hole.


Hemorrhoids - a more familiar name of the disease, which is characterized by such symptoms:

  • spotting during, during or after defecation, and after straining;
  • itching in the anus;
  • pain;
  • appearance of "bumps" or "bumps" in the anus area.

disease is associated with varicose individual sections rectal venous plexus.

thrombosis haemorrhoid

Such nodes may be inside or outside the rectum, in the sphincter.If hemorrhoid formed inside, then it is virtually impossible to diagnose because it has no clear symptoms and does not bother the patient.But if the node is restrained and falls, the thrombosis symptoms immediately appear in the form:

  • strongest acute pain;
  • education tenderness large "bumps" (this is actually fallen hemorrhoid);
  • diarrhea, constipation.


Recurring pain in the rectum, in the absence of its defeat.Symptoms may include:

  • constantly nagging or acute cramping pain in the anus;
  • standing there is some relief, sitting - deterioration;
  • day there is pain relief, in the evening or night - a significant increase;
  • chills;
  • bloating;
  • fever.

scantily This disease, which is very difficult to treat.

colon polyps

Benign growths on the walls of the rectum.Asymptomatic.

cyst rectum

cysts pozadipryamokishechnom Education in space, which are characterized by such symptoms:

  • difficulty in defecation due to compression of the lumen of the colon;
  • absence of pain;
  • excretion of feces in the form of tape.


rectum In people the disease is often called the perineal hernia or prolapse of the rectum.As a result of weakening of the pelvic muscles is disturbed fixation of the rectum, as evidenced by such symptoms:

  • actual prolapse of the rectum;
  • constipation;
  • difficulties when attempting a bowel movement;
  • nagging pain;
  • kalomazanie.

Rectal cancer

most severe disease, which is dangerous asymptomatic.Very often the first signs of cancer appear when the tumor reaches a large size:

  • discomfort;
  • discharge with pus and blood;
  • bleeding.

This is not the whole list of diseases of the rectum, but in any case, in the event of discomfort during a bowel movement or detection of unpleasant symptoms do not hesitate and ask for help to a specialist, the proctologist.

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