Treatment of psoriasis with baking soda

I'm sure many once (in person or by hearsay) faced with common skin disease, psoriasis.Strange as it sounds, however, the causes of psoriasis, and the course of its flow, and the possibility of full recovery, despite the best efforts of modern medicine is still not thoroughly understood.If circumstances still were such that we had to close, "get acquainted" with psoriasis, then do not despair, you have to pull yourself together and try to solve the problem.

Definitely one thing: psoriasis - a very troublesome problem, which requires a careful approach to treatment.It is important to be able to stabilize their condition and find the optimal balance between treatment methods, of which there are many.Along with the traditional (medication), can be used and traditional methods.One of these methods is very effective treatment for psoriasis baking soda.

What is psoriasis

treatment to be effective, it should be possible to study the characteristics of the disease and to understand what the consequences a

re fraught.Psoriasis (chronic dermatosis, psoriasis) - a disease in which the body apart from the serious defeats (the nervous, immune and endocrine systems) are observed, and skin rashes.

mainly skin problems manifest themselves in the form of:

- rounded pinkish plaques;

- grayish-white scales;

- red spots.

The most common localization is bending the knees and elbows, buttocks area, joints, nails, scalp, and when severe psoriasis - and the skin.Many troubles deliver not only aesthetically-cosmetic side of the issue, but also the constant itching, pain from scratching, microtrauma and cracks.

from extensive damage and extent will depend on the treatment methods, therefore, along with global measures of health improvement, you need to take care of the local treatment of wounds.It is in this direction baking soda can provide effective assistance.

role of baking soda in the treatment of psoriasis

would seem, than can also help in this serious question everyday, inexpensive and so common a thing as a regular soda?But it is sodium bicarbonate - the most harmless drug compared with anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic ointment, whose composition is almost always included synthetic hormones.And here it is hard to predict how the body will react to the impact of these rather dangerous elements.

In addition, soda - a universal remedy and very frequent component of popular recipes from various diseases, and psoriasis as well.However, with all this, we should not forget that the baking soda - only an additional medicine to the main complex.

Useful quality soda lie in its properties: remove toxins, toxins from the body;

  • improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage;
  • soften and purify the skin;
  • soothes, relieves irritation and inflammation of the skin.

It can be used as a drug as a local skin treatment (to relieve symptoms and relieve itching) or to include in the internal use of drugs.


  • baths with baking soda.Simply add sodium carbonate to the bath (450-900 g) and soak for 15-20 minutes in hot water (t 38-390S).But it is possible to use other useful components: magnesium carbonate (20 g) and magnesium perborate (15 g);sea ​​salt;decoctions of herbs (succession, chamomile, celandine, sage and others.);aromatic oils (tea tree, fir, juniper, rosemary, etc.).Before soda bath to take a shower, and then - no towel, and allow the body to dry yourself.
  • Lotions soda solution.You can handle lesions baking soda.To do this, a small amount of baking soda diluted lukewarm water until creamy state, and then process the swab sores, cracked or itchy skin.
  • Cleanser.In psoriasis, sodium carbonate solution (200 ml of water plus 2 teaspoons baking soda) acts much softer than shampoos and soaps.It perfectly (quite traumatizing while) clears the skin from the fat, sweat and dust.
  • ointment on the basis of soda.It is necessary to mix these ingredients: 1 tsp..soda + 1 cup chicken fat (melt) + 3 egg yolks + 2 tbsp.l.0.5 cups of tar + fungus + 2 tbsp.l.household soap (rub) + 1 tbsp.l.fir (can be lavender) oil + 2 bile (add just before using).This mixture lubricate the affected areas of skin up to 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Soda medicine.This medicine is based on soda is intended for internal administration.Required the following components: 150 g of seeding the wiki (fry and grind on a coffee grinder) + 300 g of liquid honey + 50 g of baking soda + 25 g of refined sulfur (powder).Take one tablespoon (children - tea) after meals three times a day.

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