Legionellosis or Legionnaires' disease : causes, symptoms, treatment

There is nothing worse for a man than viruses and infections that await him at every turn.With some of them, the human body has learned to fight, and the immune system to develop protective properties that prevent a recurrence of the disease.

However, there are viruses, which our bodies can not cope, thus causing serious diseases that often end in death.One such disease is legionellosis, or as it is called Legionnaires' disease.She received this name because of its origin - the first time legionellosis was identified in 1976, members of the American Legion.Symptoms of Legionnaires

Legionellosis is an infectious disease, which manifests itself in the form of severe pneumonia, accompanied by intoxication and disturbances in the central nervous system and kidneys.As an infectious disease, it can be transmitted and has its incubation period, which lasts from two to ten days.

It was at this time and appear the first symptoms of Legionnaires' disease.There is a growing headache, tinnitus, muscle aches,

dry and then wet cough, fever, frequent case of indigestion, as well as lead to respiratory failure.In addition to the symptoms listed above, loss of appetite, there is a general weakness and fatigue, increased sweating, rarely begins retardation reactions and syncope occur.The complications may act as abscesses develop, toxic shock, pleural effusion.In rare cases, there is heart failure.

Causes of Legionnaires

In most cases Legionnaires' disease occurs in middle-aged or older, because it provokes the appearance of bad habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse, however, are subject to legionellosis everything.

causes of disease development can serve as diabetes, HIV infection, as well as various viruses trapped in the weakened body.Although the viral nature of legionellosis, sending him airborne droplets is extremely rare.Legionella bacteria are found in soil and water bodies, so get into the body of water passing through the water cooling systems, in stagnant pools, fountains and supplied to the compressor unit.It is also possible the infection in health care facilities under the influence of whirlpool baths and ultrasonic therapy.

Treatment of Legionnaires

Often, the symptoms of Legionnaires' disease are already evident in the later stages of the disease, so the treatment is carried out in a hospital setting.The main drugs used to fight infection are antibiotics, as well as the dropper with drugs that strengthen the immune system and increases the ability of the body to fight viruses.

course of treatment usually lasts a few weeks, which suggests the flow of the incubation period of the disease.The course of treatment includes management of complications that accompany the disease Legionnaires', namely, the development of respiratory and kidney failure, bleeding, intoxication and shock.

Prevention of Legionnaires

The best way to prevent the disease is its prevention, this statement applies to legionellosis.To prevent the penetration of infection in the body, you need to strictly comply with all sanitary norms and rules, periodic disinfection of premises and installations working with water and give up bad habits that weaken the body and its ability to resist viruses.

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