Treatment of baking soda : Pros and Cons

Internet is full of publications about the healing properties of baking soda.People began to massively suffer the recipes with baking soda to get rid of various ailments - from heartburn to cancer.Perhaps no less and opponents of these techniques.How justified these opinions?What are the pros and cons of treatment with soda and whether there is a contraindication to its use?We offer you the options really "working" soda recipes, a list of recommendations and the questionable side effects with excessive use of soda.

Treatment soda - recipes, time-tested:

In this section, we present the use of ash in folk medicine.Here are collected only those indications and recipes that are used by people for a long time to say - the effect of the use of soda in these specific cases are.

  • Heartburn.There is a sharp increase in the level of acidity in the stomach after ingestion of certain products (eg, flour or roasted).Indeed, for the "emergency" with stomach heartburn - soda salvation.She quickly neutralizes aci
    dity, removing the unpleasant burning sensation in the stomach.The reason lies in the chemical reactions that occur during neutralization of the acid with alkali - releases carbon dioxide, which stimulates the release of gastrin hormone, in turn, increases the secretion of gastric motility and its tone.However, be aware that long-term treatment of heartburn soda contraindicated.The excess of soda is able to fall into the blood, which is why it is disturbed acid-base balance.Therefore, for the treatment of heartburn you need to use medicines.But to relieve sudden symptoms using single soda solution: a teaspoon on a third of a glass of water.
  • sore throat.Effectively gargling with inflammatory symptoms of a solution of water and baking soda.To do this in a cup of warm water, stir ½ hr. Of baking soda and rinse every three hours.Soda neutralizes cause pain and burning action of acids.It should be used in combination therapy with other antiviral agents.
  • effective at a cold soda inhalation.In a small kettle to pour a glass of boiling water, there is added a teaspoon of baking soda.To fasten coiled spout of thick paper tube, and inhale the vapors nose alternately inserting a tube into one nostril and the other.To soften the cough with a cold drink milk with the addition of soda.The proportions are the same - in a glass of boiling milk - 1 teaspoon soda.Cool to a comfortable temperature and have a better bedtime.You can add a piece of butter.
  • bronchitis make potato cakes and soda, superimposing them on the chest and on the back between the shoulder blades.To prepare to warm up tortillas cook three or four large potatoes with the skin, hot mash them together with three teaspoon soda.Place the tortillas, wrap the patient, remove when cool.
  • Itching from insect bites removed at the bite lubrication baking soda solution (in 1 tbsp. Water 1 tsp).A tumor from a bee sting or wasp can be treated as follows: to smear the affected area gruel of soda and water, put on it or plantain leaf parsley and tie, leaving 10-12 hours.
  • is effective as a soda solution in the treatment of oral diseases.When fluxes and stomatitis rinse your mouth several times a day.
  • Burns solution should be stronger - into a glass of water, add 1 stol.lozhku soda and apply to the site of the burn impregnated with a solution of a cotton swab.
  • help cure a boil this recipe: sprinkle it with soda, top, apply fresh aloe leaf and secure with a bandage or plaster.Do not shoot for two days without watering.
  • help in the fight against the black spots on the face can scrub, made of fine salt and soda, taken in equal proportions, diluted with water to a state of pulp.Apply on problem areas, massage gently and rinse with warm water.

controversial methods of treatment soda

This section describes the options of recipes that are prevalent among the people, but the effect of the use of which has not proved a lot of people.Simply put, data therapies baking soda can cause irreparable harm to your health :

treatment of thrush baking soda

The medical name for the disease - vulvovaginal candidiasis or candidiasis.It is an infectious disease caused by a type of yeast fungus Candida.Normally, they are found in the mucosa of healthy people.But certain factors in the body of their number may increase.It may occur and external contamination.For the treatment of thrush by means of soda to do douching solution: 1h.spoon of baking soda dissolved in a liter of water.It is known that fungi are killed in an alkaline medium, and the disease recedes.Do this procedure must be not less than two weeks, and quite often.Some doctors recommend every hour.Using this recipe patients probability of getting rid of yeast 50% to 50%.To really see results, you need to do douching frequently and regularly.However, such long-term use can cause negative changes in acid - base metabolism in the body, "murder" of other important organisms.Therefore, better yet go to the appointment with the doctor and used pharmaceuticals.

whitening teeth with baking soda:

recommended for teeth whitening brush your teeth with baking soda on a daily basis.Take care to this recommendation.Indeed, you can remove stains from tooth enamel, but daily use promotes abrasion of tooth enamel.Can such procedures do no more than once a week.And for the prevention of dental caries, tooth enamel darkening rinse your mouth with soda solution.

Soda Diet

Today two methods of application of soda are offered to people with excess weight to solve their problems - internal and external use.Let's look at both.It is believed that the daily consumption of a beverage consisting of a cup of water and 1 tsp baking soda, can save people from unnecessary kilograms due to the fact that does not allow to absorb fats.Soda but does not affect the absorption of fat, it only reduces the acidity of the stomach.A long-term use causes a disorder of sodium and water balance in the body!You can greatly harm your stomach.Method ineffective and even dangerous.Now pay attention to the bath for weight loss.recommended take hot baths with salt (500 g) and soda for rapid weight loss (200 g).It is noted that for one procedure is lost in weight up to half a kilogram.Course is the use of 10 baths.Indeed, you can lose those kilos - but due to the drying of the body!That is, you do not lose weight, and water.Kilograms quickly return due to fluid replacement, but cause significant damage to the cardiovascular system is likely.

Cancer Treatment baking soda:

believed that the constant use of soda is the prevention and even treatment of cancer.The idea of ​​such a treatment by the Italian doctor Tullio Simoncini.Cancer is also caused by a fungus living in the acidic environment.Soda, neutralizing the action of acids, kills fungi desired microflora.For the treatment and prevention is necessary to use inside the soda (1 hr. Spoon) or soda (water glass) solution.In this technique, a lot of supporters, but no less and opponents.Yes soda influences the acidity, but at the same time gives the sodium balance in the body.Is soda the ability to stop the uncontrolled division of cancer cells?The answer to this question in science is simple - do not.Certainly, such a serious illness should be treated under the close supervision of professionals.

Side effects, contraindications

Soda - a chemical to a long and excessive use of which the body can respond to unpleasant reactions.When abuse can manifest into nausea, fever, thirst.More serious symptoms - high blood pressure and even heart failure, edema in the lungs.All this is a consequence of disturbances in the body of water and acid-base balance.

Single soda techniques in the treatment of certain diseases listed in the first section of this article, do not harm the body and actually help relieve the painful symptoms of the first, hope we have answered your question: "To be treated with soda or not?".

Be healthy!

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