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method hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches) very ancient, its practice in their use of Hippocrates.However, in our time to treatment with leeches treated many patients, there are classrooms hirudotherapy.

Let's find out under what diseases show their use and what is the principle of this method?

What diseases effectively treated with leeches?

leeches treatment gives good results in those diseases in which disturbed blood circulation, where there is stagnation of blood, vascular sclerosis.Good impact on the state of leeches vessels of the head, pelvis.They often resort hypertension, thrombophlebitis, constipation, overweight, heart failure, and many, many other diseases.Correctly put leeches can improve vision.

They affect the connective tissues.And if, say, you have a fracture as a result of ruptured blood vessels and nerve fibers, the leech will help them merging.More than that - if a person suddenly torn ear, the only remedy that can help to splice it in hot pursuit - a leech.It also resolves a

fresh scar tissue to complete invisibility.Unless, of course, the scar is not old yet, not coarsened.American experts use this ability leeches in cosmetic surgery, they are furnished with a newly formed joint.

Leeches can be set and put on any area of ​​the body.In pathology and in the nose, and mouth, and in corners of the eyes (but not in most eyes, of course), even in the crotch and the vagina.This, of course, do experts.The patient before the procedure passes a medical examination, to consider it of its features, and special training.In particular, a special abdominal massage done with hypertension.After all, the man all the internal organs are linked.Of course, if a person was ill shoulder or knee, that is some peripheral body can be put leeches and without special training.

What is the therapeutic effect of hirudotherapy?

Leech is known to suck the blood.But in its main therapeutic effect.Try to arrange a simple bloodletting comparable effect will not achieve.The whole point is substance - hirudin, leech that regurgitates into the wound.A total of 50 active ingredients of components supplied by leeches.In it is its main value.His enzymes primarily it anaesthetises wound, increases the blood flow.If the engorged leech cut and her blood to anoint the sick place, the treatment effect is obvious.Blood that is well absorbed, and with it comes the body leech enzymes.Some medicinal properties of leeches are well known and studied their mechanism.But some are known, but have been little studied.In some cases, leeches setting can lead to unexpected reactions.

Sometimes staging leeches in large numbers (15-20 pieces) can cause the release of fillings from the teeth.Not necessarily, but it can.Sometimes there is an allergy, edema.Can such a picture.Today, for example, a woman put a leech, and the next day she went to dye hair.Paint stays, speckled hair, like Kisa Vorobyaninov.And while it does not have a reasonable explanation.In short, the use of leech therapy should be with great caution and under the supervision of a specialist, and we must be aware that leeches can help and may hurt.

Hirudotherapy indications and contraindications

Those who make the decision to use a leech on their own, for a start it is necessary to become familiar with one or two popular brochures about hirudotherapy.They are inexpensive and readily available.And be sure to consult with your doctor.

course, negative reactions are not so frequent.But we can not forget about them.Particular care should be manifest in diabetes.After dissecting the leech skin, as well as triangular bayonet.And this wound is a diabetic can be very difficult to heal.Here it is good to rely on the discretion of the doctor - as far as possible and as hirudotherapy impossible.

When high blood pressure puts leeches pressure in 90% of patients decreases.Man rejoices and stops taking medication as prescribed.A day or two after the pressure on the pendulum law soars up higher than it was before.Because it is not necessary to cancel the drug for hypertension in any case.You can only reduce the dosage of a quarter or half, if the pressure has fallen too.

must not forget that the final cure leeches something impossible.They are good in the complex therapy easier, but do not cure.By the use of hirudotherapy own person should be creative, and listening carefully to the advice of doctors and clever books, and to his own body.

Hirudotherapy home

Formulation of leeches to start with an enema.It is necessary to wash the intestine to the skin does not itch.At the same time you can bet different amounts of leeches.

Some experts say - but the 5-10, others - up to 20, starting with 13. Someone and 50 at the same time puts.Bleeding is equally that of the 5 that by 50. Especially careful you have to be at the first performances of leeches.It is the responsible thing, because there may be heavy bleeding, own inadequate reaction of the body, caused by, among other things, the presence of parasites in the intestine, which causes swelling and often allergies.

How often and how long sessions of occupational therapy can be carried out - this is again assigned by the doctor.One patient each day, another - in a day, or even once a week.And the duration of the course as determined by your doctor.

After setting leeches traces of wounds inflicted by them remain for a long time.Leeches, by the way, better to attach themselves where the body temperature is higher, where help is needed.Sores on the leech does not sear.Still bleeding last from 6 to 24 hours, depending on blood clotting.More "bloody" setting is the leeches on the full moon, and during menstruation.Ranko leech when no longer required, it is necessary to wash the pharmacy usually hydrogen peroxide and tightly bandaged.If you need to change the bandage again to use hydrogen peroxide.

And yet - pay attention to what used leech hirudin regains its 1-2 months, the leech should be starved, so reuse the leech is not recommended.

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