Bee products .The healing properties of bee venom and pollen


pollen is called pollen.Analysis of the product showed that the 27 pollen elements:.. Sodium, potassium, nickel, titanium, chromium, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, iron, etc. The pollen gives good results in case of impotence and depression.It regulates bowel function in the case of chronic constipation and diarrhea.The amount of hemoglobin is growing very fast, and always has been a significant improvement in general condition, and all this because of the antianemic effects of pollen.

lot of pollen phytohormones and substances with antibacterial action.Rich pollen phenolic compounds having diverse properties: protivoateroskleroticheskim, anti-inflammatory, kapillyaroukreplyayushim, antioxidant, diuretic, choleretic, anti-tumor, etc.In pollen also found a number of enzymes that play an important role in metabolic processes.Finally, the pollen found growth stimulator.In general, in the pollen - pollen contains 50 biologically active substances that can favorably influence the human body when it f

unctions disorders, and substance 240 needed for normal biochemical processes in the body.

pollen recommended by physical exhaustion, anemia, and during the recovery of patients.However, before you start treatment, you should consult your doctor.Consumption of large quantities of pollen can cause a violation of the vitamin the body balance.

Bee venom

This - a colorless, very thick liquid with a characteristic odor and a bitter burning taste.Bee venom is a product of the secretory activity of bee venom glands, which builds up to 0.02 mg of venom.Several modifications of instruments for mass production of bee venom from bee colonies without substantially affecting its productivity.

Bee venom - it is syrupy liquid acidic reaction, which is highly soluble in water, vegetable oils.The share -1,085-1,131.In the air dry and easily dampen, pulling moisture.The sun's rays and higher temperatures reduce the physiological activity of bee venom.It is resistant to low temperatures.

Bee venom is a complex chemical composition.The most important biologically active compounds are venom enzymes (hyaluronidase and phospholipase), peptides (Melitina, spamin, MSD-peptide adolanin et al.) And amines (histamine, norepinephrine).

peptide molecules consist of several dozen amino acids (lysine, arginine, threonine, serine, proline, etc.).We prove that the peptides have a pronounced antimicrobial activity, reduce the clotting ability of blood, have anti-inflammatory power.

Bee venom contains in its composition of lipids (fats and sterols), minerals, sugar (glucose and fructose), mineral acids (hydrochloric, phosphoric), but their percentages are low.

In folk medicine, bee venom has long been considered to be a highly effective remedy.Currently, numerous observations and studies of Soviet and foreign scientists found that bee venom has a stimulating effect on the heart muscle, reduces high blood pressure, improves the blood, improves metabolism.Influenced apitoxin improves the general condition of the patient, increases the immune protection, increases tone and performance, improves sleep and appetite.

established radioprotective effect: small doses of venom contribute to the survival of irradiated animals.It stimulates the bone marrow, and improves bone fusion.

contraindicated the use of bee venom tuberculosis patients suffering from infectious and mental disorders, diseases of the heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, in the acute stage, diabetes, and people with hypersensitivity to bee venom or intolerance.Therefore, those without special medical education, according to the current legislation, it is forbidden to treat the sick bee stings.

sensitivity of people to bee venom is different.In patients with hypersensitivity to it, even a bee sting can cause severe general reaction.Most painfully react to apitoxin women (especially pregnant women), children and the elderly.However, with frequent, regular sting, as it happens at beekeepers, the sensitivity to bee venom reduced.

lethal dose for an adult are considered simultaneous stings 500, 200-300 stings cause severe poisoning.

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