Psammotherapy : how to take sand baths

Psammotherapy (from the Greek psammo -. Sand, therapia - treatment) - a very ancient remedy.Perhaps it was first mentioned on the sand procedures in the cuneiform tables of Babylon.We used the hot sand treatment and the ancient Egyptians, the benefit of the drug was right under your feet.Later the method adopted the Roman patricians, who loved to luxuriate in a bath of sand.Then this process for a long time unjustly forgotten.

Soviet medicine believes that the treatment of sand - this is not serious.And only now beginning to revive psammotherapy intensively.

charging the sun on the beach, we did not suspect that beneath us is a cure for many diseases - sand.

First of all, sand baths are useful in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, chronic diseases of the bones, spine, joints - rickets, sciatica, polio, gout, sciatica.They have an analgesic effect, reduces swelling, help to increase mobility in the joints.

best to take sand baths on the sheltered from the wind and prosperous in the sanitary rela

tion beach area by the sea, lakes and rivers.

cellar to the treatment of the more hot sand and builded from it a kind of pedestal 10-15 cm thick Lie on your back, face up, under the head -. A dry towel on the forehead - wet.The head should be in the shade.If there is no shadow, Build out an umbrella or canopy.

went to bed?Now, if the procedure is not carried out by doctors, ask the comrades on the beach, or at least your children fall asleep with a thin layer of hot sand.Face and heart must remain open.. A layer of sand on his stomach -1 cm -2 Hands and feet sometimes dig deeper - at 10-12 cm

And now relax and try to have fun..In half an hour.Close your eyes, and you will feel like leaving in the sand muscle tension as the sweat out of your ailments.Just a little bit, and you start to feel the heat not only from outside but also from within.Like after a glass of good cognac.

But bliss can not last forever.The duration of sand bath for adults - 20-40 minutes, children - 8-10.During the course psammotherapy adults take 15-20, and children 10-15 procedures.

Now, wash with warm water for a minute or take a dip in the pond.Long can not swim and sunbathe.Sit or lie down in the shade, rest forty minutes.

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