From the history of homeopathy

first steps in homeopathy have been made by Hippocrates.However, the official date of its emergence as a branch of medicine is considered to be 1796 then was published the German physician Samuel Hahnemann, "a new cooking experience of drugs."Hahnemann called his system "homeopathy" (from the Greek «homeos» -., And similar "pathos" - suffering).His discoveries of this outstanding scientist radically change the perception of health and illness.

Hahnemann noticed the striking resemblance between the picture of poisoning the bark of the cinchona tree and symptoms of malaria, to treat and which quinine was used.This seemingly paradoxical observation interested Hahnemann, he appeared first, still preliminary findings and conjectures.To find out the real causes of what cinchona cure malaria, researchers conducted a trial of the drug on himself: a few days of regular use of medications Hahnemann developed symptoms of malaria ....They disappeared immediately as soon as the experiment was terminated.Before scie

ntists there was a question whether a substance actually causes certain symptoms in a healthy, it heals them as a sick man?

Within 6 years Hahnemann and his associates researched and tested a new method of treatment.As a result of this work, Hahnemann formulated the basic laws of the method: the law of similarity - "like cures like" and the law of infinitesimal doses.A little later his outstanding successor Constantine Hering discovered another important principle of homeopathy: the true healing occurs regression of symptoms of the disease, and in the order opposite to that in which they are incurred.Mental symptoms disappear initially, then physical, first upper body, then at the bottom.

For years, conventional medicine is not recognized as the most Hahnemann and his teachings, but the high effectiveness of the method and the growing number of supporters of allopathic shaken views.

Hahnemann himself described, manufactured and tested with his disciples 120 herbal medicines.Today the total number of homeopathic medicines to nearly 4000. Homeopathy is one of the branches of medicine, recognized in 31 countries, and a lot of people use it to restore your health.In India, for example, it has become the primary method of prevention and treatment.

In Russia first heard of homeopathy in the 20-ies.XIX century.At that time there were a lot of Germans, aware of all the new-fangled trends in medicine among family doctors.

important role played and the fact that one of the relatives of Hahnemann - K. Triinus familiar with the basics of homeopathy, he became a professor of natural history at the future Emperor Alexander 11. Under its influence a new way to treat interest in the royal family.A state adviser of the emperor Count SN Korsakov created the technology of preparation of homeopathic drugs, which he had treated Nicholas I. By the way, he found an offer Ganneman Count Korsakov's "very useful."However, not everything in Russia's liking the idea of ​​Hahnemann.Only thanks to Nicholas I and his brother Grand Duke Mikhail Petrovich homeopathic physician was allowed to engage in private practice.In 1870, Russia's first homeopathic clinic was opened in St. Petersburg, where in 1873 there was a hospital for a few beds.In the second half of the XIX Russia there were already about 40 homeopathic pharmacies, and by the end of the century practiced 150 homeopaths.

After the revolution, homeopathy announced bourgeois science.In 1920-ies.It was recreated the All-Russian Homeopathic Society, but it lasted only until the mid-1930s, when he was finally disbanded, and very tough measures have been applied to many experts -. prison and exile.

most difficult days for homeopathy when the notorious order was issued in the country in 1968 came the number 610, which forbade the teaching of homeopathy and homeopathic literature publishing.It was also disbanded scientific Homeopathic Society in Moscow and banned several highly homeopathic medicines.

Only in 1990 Russian Homeopathic Society was established again.Currently, the number of practitioners who are in it, more than 1000.

In 1995, the Ministry of Health was issued an order number 335, which permitted and even encouraged the development of a homeopathic method in outpatient clinics.And before that - in 1991 - it was issued an order to establish a network of pharmacies for the implementation of homeopathic medicines in Russia.

The basis of homeopathy is based on two basic laws, is fundamentally different from the principles on which is based the traditional medicine.

first law of homeopathy, which opened in antiquity by Hippocrates, - the law of similarity.This means that any disease treated by micro-doses of the substance, which is capable of high doses cause a similar disease.For example, for the treatment of headaches - a tool that can itself cause such a headache.

second fundamental law - the infinitesimal dose.Homeopathic remedies are prepared by special technology of the various natural resources - minerals, metals, materials of animal origin and herbs.Once the medicine is prepared from the starting material in it are no longer any molecule and the energy force ... only.In this case, what is the use of it, you ask?The fact that this medicine works is not by chemical means, and energy.Our body, and the whole matter, scientists believe - in fact nothing more than a bundle of energy.According to the homeopaths and our sorrows - not the result of physical and energy attacks on the body of viruses and bacteria.Thus, treatment must take place at an energy level.

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