Trees treated.Nontraditional methods of treatment

Our ancestors belonged to the trees with great respect, as they are aware of their healing power.On contact with the human tree is an exchange of energy, which contributes to the improvement of health.

have oak very powerful energy.Those who have charge of energy from the tree, feel the unprecedented rise in strength and clarity of thought.

Pine increases the tone, immunity, is an antidepressant.Pine can "pick up" frustration, doubt and disappointment.People with heart disease, migraine attacks with better in a pine forest not walk.

Maple facilitate the course of the disease.It takes our emotional breakdowns, and in return gives strength and steadiness.

Birch promotes healing both physical and mental wounds.Most energy activity in birch from 5 to 9 am.Birch Women helps with mastitis - birch die is recommended to apply to the chest.

Acacia - its bioenergy useful to all, especially to women.For communication, select a clear day after the rain.During this period, the plants give their power

most intense.To properly clean energy gain, you must stand near the tree for 10-15 minutes at a distance of 40-50 cm with a mental request for help.Then come close and touching the forehead, face-to-trunk, imagine how with each breath in the body, the hands, spine, feet and stops flowing energy in the solar plexus.And do not forget to thank the tree.

Aspen has the ability to take to the land and water negative energy and return the person to clean.

Juniper though the bush, but has a fairly strong cleaning potential, aimed generally not on people, but on the things that surround them.

plate of chestnut used in polyarthritis.Fabricate plates 10-20 mm and 50-80 mm.Apply to the affected area of ​​a day for 20-30 minutes.The treatment is one month.

Verba has a soft, soothing, relaxing energy contributes to good mental and nervous discharge, relieve headaches.

Choosing derevya- "vampires» , guided by the same rules as when choosing a donor, but when dealing mentally imagine how out of your body in the tree goes all the bad touch the trunk portion of the patient's body.With natural feel relieved to light weakness and dizziness, some of these trees can be no more than 15 minutes, then, after thanking for the help, go to the donor tree, to make up for supply of energy.

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