Dendroterapiya .Gifts mighty oak

Oak - a real decoration of forests, parks ... And it's a healer.Acorns - a drug that has long been used to treat various ailments.For example, in diseases of the stomach and the weakness of the bladder drank acorn coffee, added to the food acorn flour.It contains 5% of nitrogenous substances, up to 20% starch, sugars, tannins, fatty oil.However, to the oak grew just such a healing acorns, he must be 50 years old!Only such a young tree (oak on the standards, which lives an average of up to 500 years) can bestow humans and animals valuable fruit.

Acorns - good antibacterial, antitumor agent, they are used in diseases of the gums and tooth pain, to stop the bleeding.With a weak potency recommended shelled acorns fry in olive oil and eat with sugar or honey.The infusion of acorns is used for hypertension, osteochondrosis, diseases of the joints.

Here are some recipes of traditional medicine:

# If a hernia from acorns, leaves and bark of young branches to make a tincture: 100 grams of raw pour 500 ml of

red wine, stand in a dark place week, do a warm compress or ointment of acorn powder and fat-based, lubricate the affected area.

# In tuberculosis clean acorns from the skin, fry in the oven until light redness, grind, 3-4 teaspoons of powder pour 350 ml of boiling water, drink 1 tablespoon to a long lunch.Optionally add in the milk and honey.

# Cystitis 1 tablespoon of crushed acorns pour a glass of water, boil, drink during the day.

# In diabetes mature acorns dried, crushed into powder, take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day before meals, washed down with tea.The course of 1 month, then break for a month, repeat the course.

# When nerve diseases, anemia peeled acorns mince, squeeze the juice, drink it in 2 tablespoons before meals with equal quantity of honey 4 times a day.

# If bedsores are preparing acorn oil.A glass of ripe acorns peeled grind in a meat grinder, cover with boiled vegetable oil on the finger above the layer of acorns.Insist in a dark place, stirring occasionally, 40 days strain the ointment, used as needed.

Attention : raw acorns for humans are dangerous because they contain a toxic substance quercetin.However, by soaking or frying acorn becomes harmless and edible.

By the way, in many difficult situations acorns saved people from starvation.From acorn flour can be cooked soup, cakes, bread, cereal, pancakes.Collect fruits after the first frost.Then peeled, soaked for two days, changing the water several times, dried and milled.

from mature fruit intact prepared coffee drink.Unlike natural coffee it contains caffeine, rich in nutrients, especially starch, useful for gastro-intestinal tract.Acorn coffee more fluid and lighter than its "coffee" parent.

Brew coffee drink you can: acorns peel and fry, then grind into powder.Pour 2 teaspoons of the powder cup boiling water, bring to a boil for a few seconds to hold on low heat.Give a little brew, strain.Can be put to taste honey, milk, cream.

way, has healing properties and Powdered bark of branches and trunks of oak.It is used as an astringent, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing agent for the treatment of gastritis, colitis, gastrointestinal bleeding, diseases of the liver and spleen (1 teaspoon of powdered bark insist in 2 cups cold water 6-8 hours, use 2-3 tablespoons of 3-4 times a day).A decoction of the bark (1:10) is used as a gargle for sore throat, sore throat, stomatitis, a strong infusion - for treatment of burns and skin diseases.

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