12 August

First-aid kit on holiday

holiday season in full swing!If you are going on vacation, so we are afraid to forget something right, because begin to prepare in advance.That's first aid kit - just the kind of thing that needs to be prepared in advance and do not forget to take with you, especially if you are going on vacation with detmi.Chto need to skive first aid kit?First of all, put a first aid kit, iodine, hydrogen peroxide and Zelenka.Peroxide is useful to you, if there is a risk of wound infection (torn and chopped), in addition, it helps to stop the bleeding.Not bad to be put in the medicine cabinet furatsilin tablets - dissolved in water, they are well washed wounds and abrasions.

The kit should have bandages: Tubular Gauze bandages, antibacterial and corn plasters, disinfectant wipes and swabs.

In case a sudden stomach ache or diarrhea starts, it is necessary to have in the medicine cabinet activated charcoal, antacids (eg, Almagelum) rehydron, preparations on the basis of loperamide.All of this will come in handy if to

grab the abdomen.Moreover, without these drugs is better not to go, because even a change of water, food, even when completely benign products can cause diarrhea, not to mention the unusual abundance of fruits and vegetables.

Aspirin and paracetamol can help to bring down the temperature.Moreover, it may appear not only in the case of the common cold, but also those who are too hot in the sun or got sunstroke.For children, just in case, better to take paracetamol syrup or suppositories.

in your medicine cabinet should be painkillers: tsitramon spazmalgon and - in case of headache, ketanov - from the teeth, no-spa - from abdominal pain.Moreover, try to take precisely those medicines that you have used in similar cases.

Even if you do not suffer from heart disease, even in your first aid kit contains simple heart drugs: nitroglycerin, validol Corvalol.Well, if that's all you do not need, but it is better to be thrifty - all of a sudden, because of this, you will be able to help someone who fell ill with you.A Corvalol help in stressful situations, for example, if you are afraid to fly an airplane.

And, of course, for people suffering from chronic diseases, you need to take all the necessary preparations, without relying on the fact that you have something to buy on the spot!

If you change the time zone suffers from sleep.In this case, you will gain tincture or Leonurus valerian tablets.And antihistamines insure you against allergies, which in an exotic location may occur on any plant or insect bites.

On vacation beware.If you have a stomach ache, do not drink any painkillers.In these cases, you can only take Nospanum and activated carbon, and if the condition does not improve - consult your doctor.

Be wary of unfamiliar food and all sorts of exotic dishes.Irrepressible curiosity maybe you should leave!Try to eat more or less than usual for a dish, and if in doubt, better to take the festal.

Do not drink water from unknown sources, and from the tap - it is best to use pre-packaged bottled water, purchased in the store.

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