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Traveller kit

going on a journey, we least think about diseases.Yet exclude likely to develop in the long-distance journey, it is impossible, because even if you do not have any chronic diseases, from colds and not zastrahueshsya poisoning, and such details can greatly spoil the impression of the long-awaited vacation.Therefore, the right to take along a first aid kit on holiday with all the medications that you might need in case of illness.

particularly responsible for road first aid kit should be treated, if you are going on holiday abroad: range of medicines in the Russian and foreign pharmacies vary, and often buy medicine abroad is possible only by prescription, which is quite expensive.If, however, in case of illness you have on hand will be pre-assembled kit road, you can currently provide operational assistance for mild ailments.You do not have in a foreign country to spend time searching for drugs sales points and solve the problem of how to interpret the seller name drugs, which in his country called quit

e differently.

composing the road first aid kit, first use the recommendations of your doctor.Selects only medicines to the current expiry date, in their original packaging and accompanying instructions.

- primarily in the road first aid kit to put a band-aid, Zelenka and iodine, which are best taken in the form of a pencil.

- During the holiday, especially in distant countries, where food often sharp and familiar, even abuse of very useful products and drinks can cause stomach problems.An indispensable tool for digestive disorders, poisoning, gas formation - activated carbon, which adsorbs harmful substances.2-3 can take pills several times a day.

- against intestinal colic may help Nospanum.Also with overeating can pri┬Čnimat one of the brand-name drugs, such as festal, mezim fort, and a bag smekty you can help.At strong disorder of the intestine have to take Imodium capsule, and help with constipation laxatives, such as bisacodyl and regulaks, but you can just drink a spoonful of olive oil.

- often while on vacation experience an allergic reaction, so please bring one of the modern antihistamines - telfast, Claritin, Zyrtec.

- quite superfluous in the medicine cabinet will antiprostudnye agents such as aspirin, Fervex.Do not forget to drop or spray rhinitis (nazivin, Nazol), cough syrup (gedeliks, bronholitin) and spray from a sore throat (Geksoral, stop angina).

- Funds from insect bites.

- If you are going to rest on the south, be sure to bring your protective tanning and creams that are applied after.Each cream has a sunscreen factor SPF, the magnitude of which is 2-40 units, which determines the level of skin protection.Paler than your skin, the higher should be the SPF of your cream.Also, sunscreen should be resistant to water and sand.

- If you overheat or burn in the sun, it will help you feel better painkillers (baralgin, pentalgin), but also anti-inflammatory for burns.

- Cardiovascular funds: valakordin, Corvalol, validol.

- Sedatives: valerian tincture or Leonurus, novopassit.

- combined analgesics, naproxen, ibuprofen.Treat sunburn is possible, using spray panthenol, soventol, fenistil.

- Drugs used in the defeat of the eyes and ears: sulfacetamide, Sofradeks.

- Means to relieve fatigue and swelling of the legs: traksevazin gel girudoven.

- From "seasickness" and motion sickness: Bonin, aviamore.

- Particular attention should be paid to the means of pain.When a headache helps tsitramon, tsitropak, spazmalgon.When a tooth - and tempalgin baralgin.When spasm, renal and hepatic colic need Nospanum or spazmalgon.

To this list we also need to add your specific medications that you apply for chronic ailments.Bring them to the case in holiday worsen the disease.Better if necessary to take their previously chosen physician medication than in acute situations to be no choice.

Please note that all names of drugs mentioned above are for informational purposes only. strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor to clarify what kind of drugs you fit .

First-aid kit on holiday
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First aid in the country.Dacha Dacha kit kit

Mothers note: baby first aid kit (it is useful to know)

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