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Eye diseases .First aid eyes

eyes, as well as other organs, may be susceptible to various diseases.The most common complaints encountered by ophthalmologist, a total of five.

Inflammation of the eyelids.
eyes appear red circled the rim and give the face a sad and sickly.Do not attempt to treat such inflammation independently and consult a doctor immediately.

Red eyes.
Often the disease is accompanied by sticking century.This is especially noticeable in the morning, waking up in a minute.Sticking century - a sign of infection.Do not use eye drops without consulting a doctor.

main symptoms - pain, itching, tearing and redness of the eyes.The cause may be an infection, getting a foreign body or increased intraocular pressure.As a temporary agent, you can wash the eyes with saline (1 teaspoon salt to 1 cup water).

foreign body in the eye.
Because in the eyes of a huge number of nerve endings, even a tiny speck of dust injected into the eyelid, it may seem cobblestones.To get rid of a foreign body, try this: Pull the

upper eyelid first forward and then down over the lower lashes.It is possible to be a good cry.If neither one nor the other does not help, immediately go to the nearest clinic.

Barley - an inflammation of the sebaceous glands at the edge of the eyelid.It can be caused by several reasons: infection, inflammation of the eyelids or skin disease.Do not self-medicate, as incorrectly selected ointment or improper treatment can cause severe complications of up to surgery.

First Aid eyes.

living, shining eyes give the face more expressive.To my eyes rested and shone, you need to lie down, relax in a dark room with your eyes open.

For washing eyes, use the following method: 1 teaspoon of salt dissolved in 1 cup water and pipette to drip 2-3 drops in each eye.

Cleansing eyes from dust particles produced by using an eye bath of 1-percent solution of boric acid.If not at hand a special cup for eye bath, suitable bowl corresponding to the size of your face.

Looking down into the bath, alternately open and close them.In conclusion, try to open eyes under water and make a circular motion of the eyeball.Boric acid solution will take all the dirt particles, and the eyes will regain their clear view.

Once you have dried them gently, gentle movements, apply a small amount of cream on the skin around the eyes.

At the first sign of fatigue eyes alternately is recommended to use cold and warm lotion, cool compresses, and if possible, to be in for 15 minutes in a darkened room.

as substances added to the water to lotions, known fennel seeds, chamomile tea and boric acid solution.

Some experts with symptoms of eye fatigue recommend lotions of infusions of parsley.This procedure requires approximately 15 minutes.Made his own bags to fill the eyes of cheesecloth appropriate mixtures for lotions and dipped in hot water.After a moisture and drain bags they slightly cooled, they are placed on the closed eyes.To enhance the effect every 3 minutes bags again dipped in hot water.In conclusion, the eye is placed 2 swab previously lowered them in cold water.

When inflamed eyes resorting to compression.You can use for this purpose the strained tea or broth parsley.Cotton swabs dipped in warm (not hot!), Liquid and immediately impose on the closed eyelids.Vata should cover all the space from the eyebrows to the bottom edge of the eye sockets.Hold for 1-2 minutes.The procedure is repeated 3-4 times.Then make a compress of cold water and apply a nourishing cream.

good effect is given milk compresses made with cream.The wet cream pads for 3-5 minutes, remove the inflammation.

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