12 August

How to protect yourself from burns ?Sunbathe properly

For many of us, especially the inhabitants of the northern regions, having fair skin, even short-term exposure to the sun is associated with the risk of fire.But is it really inevitable these sunburns and is there a way to protect their skin from them?

course there is!It is enough to follow the simple rules that we know from childhood:

- exposed skin grease with special structures, taking into account that the different parts of the body tan in different ways (for example, the shoulders and nose burn in the first place)

- before tanning, do not use decorative cosmetics, soap, alcohol-based lotions and toilet facilities - they all make the skin too vulnerable of them may be stained;

- sun rays easily penetrate the synthetic fiber and a damp cloth, so the best protection for the skin - tight light cotton;

- mandatory headgear, does not prevent protection of the skin around the eyes and nipples;

- bathing period should be included in the calculation of the residence time in the sun, because the lay

er of water half a meter holds no more than 30% of the radiation;

- often towel-has put that after swimming or sweating drops of moisture on the skin turn into small lenses that enhance the action of sunlight.

And what to do if the skin still burned?

• First, the skin is necessary to cool and soothe.To do this, perfectly suited packs of strong tea or a decoction of calendula, as well as dairy products.

• If the skin is already beginning to peel off, make better use of aloe juice: it is squeezed out of the large leaves, filtered through gauze and applied to the affected area.

• You can make a compress of apricots: pre-cut them into mush, put on the burned skin, hold for 20 minutes.

• In severe burns, to avoid the risk to bring an infection, it is better to buy in a drugstore remedy for the treatment of sunburn or just take anti-inflammatory and analgesic (such as aspirin).

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