12 August

Mothers note.Injury of the ear and the nose of children .How to help?

Bruises nose.
child broke and fell, hit his nose.Nose ache, swollen, blood flowed from it.What to do?First we need to make to the site of impact ice or clean cloth soaked in cold water.Child need to plant and throw back his head to stop the bleeding.You can drip into the nose vasoconstrictor drops.If the bleeding could not be stopped, try to enter into the front of the nose gauze or a cotton swab moistened profusely 2% hydrogen peroxide solution.In severe injuries and breakage of one of the vessels of the nasal septum, the formation of a hematoma.In this case, the child should be promptly delivered to the ENT department of the hospital, where he will make a puncture for extracting the contents of the hematoma. Fracture nose.
much more serious injury - a fracture of the nose bones.It can occur when a strong impact.Signs of it are: a sharp pain that increases with palpation of the nose, bleeding, soft tissue edema, impaired nasal breathing and sense of smell.Children fracture often occurs separation of

the nasal bones on bone joints.

First aid for such fractures is aimed at cleansing the wound and stop the bleeding with a swab moistened with a 2% solution of hydrogen peroxide.

victim should be rushed to the hospital, where he is entitled to offset the bone and fix them.Otherwise his nose will be deformed for life.

ear Injury .
Children often during games traumatize the ear.Thus, the bounce of the ball can, for example, to damage and subsequent inflammation of the cartilage of the ear.In addition, otogematoma (accumulation of blood between the perichondrium and the cartilage of the ear) may occur due to mechanical trauma.Of particular note is that as a result a strong blow to the ear can occur eardrum.Its symptoms: ear pain, bleeding, hearing loss.

First aid in case of damage of the ear is to remove possible contaminants (with a sterile bandage or gauze), washing with warm boiled water, treatment of the edges of the wound with an alcohol solution of iodine and a bandage is applied.After that, the child is required to be delivered to a hospital, where he was medical assistance will be provided if necessary.In case of rupture of the eardrum is necessary to close the ear canal swab of cotton wool or a sterile bandage, apply a bandage on his ear, and immediately take the child to the hospital.

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